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4 video tutorials for buying online with cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies, led by bitcoin, have gained importance in the financial market in recent years. His outstanding performance won over many people. The list of businesses that accept cryptocurrency purchases is growing at a rapid rate. Apps and modalities that allow users to use their cryptocurrencies to purchase products online are also on the rise.

Online shopping is the first option for the growing community of cryptocurrency users looking to purchase goods and services. The Internet is full of sites that offer multiple alternatives for buying cryptocurrencies.

In this article we will see some options for purchasing or paying for services using cryptocurrencies. On this occasion, we will show you how to buy on Amazon with, how to top up your balance with Bitrefill, buy products on OpenBazaar and pay for Netflix service, four tutorials made by CriptoNoticias to help you get those products they want and make it easy payment of services.

Shop with on Amazon

Amazon can be a great place to find good deals on everything from books to smartphones. Now, an online platform, allows shopping on Amazon, provides discounts as long as you pay in bitcoins.

The wallet allows users to choose a discount on a sliding scale, depending on how quickly they want the items to arrive. The scale ranges between 5% and 33%, with the highest taking longer to reach the destination.

Customers who choose the five percent discount option can expect to receive their products within two to five days. This means that the lower discount results in slower transactions than those made directly with Amazon Prime.

Those who want to get bigger discounts will have to wait a little longer for their items.

The wallet currently only accepts bitcoin as a means of payment. To solve this, Purse has implemented Shapeshift to directly exchange any cryptocurrency to bitcoin. If we have bitcoins in our Coinbase wallet, we can make transfers without paying a commission.

Top up your balance with Bitrefill

Bitrefill is an online platform that works with more than 600 mobile phone operators, distributed in approximately 150 countries worldwide, with the ease of payment via bitcoin (BTC), dash (DASH) or litecoin (LTC) and others. cryptocurrencies. Bitrefill allows you to recharge via the Lightning network.

One of the main advantages of the platform, in addition to the use of crypto assets, is that the process is very simple, because you only need to have a phone number to which the top-up will be made, an email in case of a refund and the amount required for payment.

Especially Bitrefill allows you to make payments through Coinbase, Xapo or LocalBitcoins without commission. If you want to pay from any other wallet, just scan the QR code or copy the address and the amount to send will appear automatically.

When the transaction is completed, the system will detect the incoming transaction, but the balance will not be transferred until it is confirmed on the blockchain, which can take approximately 10 minutes.

Shop OpenBazaar products online

OpenBazaar is an online marketing platform, based on distributed ledger technology, which aims to create a decentralized and open P2P trading network, using bitcoins and other cryptocurrencieswithout additional costs or restrictions of any kind.

Each user or store represents an individual node in the network, which is able to communicate with each of its peers to make purchases through cryptocurrencies. Although the platform was born as a bitcoin-only project, a year ago it integrated ether payments as well as bitcoin cash and zcash.

OpenBazaar does not only serve as a platform for buying and selling. According to its own creators “it’s Twitter, eBay and BitTorrent all rolled into one”, as it integrates the features of each of these platforms.

Pay for Netflix service with cryptocurrencies

Subscriptions to the most used streaming service in the world can now be paid with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, ether, litecoin, dash and dogecoin are accepted for the service offering.

Cryptocurrency gift card provider Bitrefill has added a service that allows users to purchase more than 750 different gift cards in more than 170 countries, to be used on platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Play Store, App Store or Netflix, among others. In addition, it offers the possibility to top up the phone with more than 900 operators. Cryptocurrencies are the only form of payment accepted by Bitrefill.

The company also offers support for cryptocurrencies Netflix subscriptions, with the same five cryptocurrencies. It also offers cards for travel services, gaming, VOIP and more, depending on the global location.

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