How to, a crypto asset mixer to protect your privacy

Nowadays, it is very common to see the concept of anonymity associated with any cryptocurrency, which is quite wrong, because There are few truly anonymous cryptoassets. Every cryptocurrency has a distributed ledger behind it; Therefore, it is possible to trace the route that the cryptocurrency traveled from the destination to the source of the transaction. Therefore, the concept of anonymity becomes invalid in these cases.

This is where it comes into play BestMixer, a truly anonymous mixerwhich is not only responsible for guaranteeing anonymity in every transaction you make, but also ensures our privacy. There is no type of registration or request for personal information.

BestMixer offers the ability to mix not only bitcoins, but we will have a range of crypto assets to choose from. The way this mixer works is really simple. When you send cryptocurrencies through the platform, after the transaction is confirmed, the address you assigned as the recipient will receive the sent cryptocurrencies, but from a completely different address than yours, which will not be related to you at all. So, preserve your anonymity and makes it impossible to discover the true origin of the transaction. However, it must be taken into account that this mixer is centralized.

Mixing cryptocurrencies with BestMixer

To start the mix, the first thing we need to do is switch to Bestmixer main portal.


What we see is the main page of the platform. Something to consider is the fact that This portal is multilingual. So, if it doesn’t start in your desired language, just select the desired option from the drop-down tab shown in the upper left corner.

First we choose the type of currency we want to mix. We will do this by clicking on the icon of the crypto asset of our choice. In our case, we will use bitcoin mixer.


From here we will go step by step. This with the purpose of not only being able to successfully mix our cryptocurrencies, but also to ensure greater anonymity and reasonable commissions depending on certain factors.

The first thing we will come across is a box Enter the BestMixer code. If this is your first shipment, leave it blank; However, if you have used the service before, this step becomes necessary.

When we mix through BestMixer, the cryptocurrencies to be sent They are deposited in the platform’s own fund, and exchanged for completely different ones. In this way, it becomes impossible to trace the real origin of the transaction.

In view of the above, when we send a second time, there is a possibility that the coins will be exchanged for our previous deposit and thus compromise our anonymity. That’s why we use the above code. Because it allows you to track the previous deposit and guarantee that it will not be sent in this new mix.

Now that this is clear, let’s move on to the next step, which is assign receiving address(es).. The plural is because, in order to increase anonymity, BestMixer allows sending to up to 10 different addresses from one deposit. While more receiving addresses mean more anonymity, this comes with a small additional fee for each new address.

On the right side of each direction we will see a colored marker. The percentage that the address will receive in relation to the total shipment appears, and at the bottom the time in which the deposit will be paid.


At the bottom of this step we have some settings that allow you to adjust and increase the intensity of the mix.

First of all, we will get acquainted with Service commission. This will vary depending on what assets we want our cryptocurrencies to be mixed with.

Next, we find mixing reserveswhere we can choose between 3 different types of funds.

  • Alpha: means with the lowest commission; belong to the property of other clients within BestMixer.
  • Beta: here we will find funds coming from large fund transactions. They have a middle committee.
  • Gamma: These are Premium funds with the highest commission. They come from private funds and cryptocurrency investors.

By choosing a fund with a higher fee, we choose less traceable cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the choice of reservation will depend only on the level of anonymity we want.

The next thing is to allocate the percentage that each of the recipient addresses will receive. Depending on the number of addresses, multiple bars will appear, identified by the color of the marker.

Finally, there is the transmission delay. Remember that in order to guarantee good anonymity for each deposit, BestMixer sets different periods for each of them; This is in case of multiple deposits.

Finally, we must ask that mixture strength meter is green (strong) or blue (good), as this guarantees good mixing. Otherwise, you have to go back and change the settings.

We can find out the approximate amount of the payment commission by clicking on show commission calculator.


In the section Send, we will enter the total amount to send. He The minimum amount to send is 0.001, with any crypto asset. If smaller deposits are made than this, they will be considered donations and will not be refunded.

Next, we will see the amount to be received when using the bitcoin mixer. Each amount will be reflected in the assigned address. On the other hand, at the bottom we will see the total commissions to be paid in mixing.

To go to the next step we have to press on Continue.


Step #3 is to read and accept BestMixer’s terms and conditions to continue mixing crypto assets.

The first thing to note about these terms is that the address to be deposited will be active for a period of 24 hours. After this time, all subsequent transmissions will be ignored.

Second, BestMixer advises that the warranty statement must be downloaded and verified. This informs that the address created from this mix will be valid for one deposit. If it is deposited after that, we will have to go to support for a refund.

Once we understand this, we’ll move on to the next step by pressing shuffle my coins.


Now, when we get here, we already have an order generated.

In the central part you will find the address to be stored along with its abstraction in a QR code to scan. We must remember that this address will only be valid for 24 hours.

What follows next, apart from paying the deposit, is download the warranty statement which we will find at the top and save BestMixer code which is located at the bottom. We will be using this in future mixes, as I mentioned above.


When you make a payment, the platform will detect it. All you have to do is wait for the status to be confirmed and you can proceed with the payment to the addresses you provided at the beginning.


Finally, with the payment already confirmed, we completed the transaction and successfully mixed bitcoins thanks to BestMixer. All in complete anonymity and without jeopardizing our privacy.

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