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Breed and trade CryptoKitties, kittens that live on the Ethereum blockchain

Key facts:
  • In addition to buying digital cats, we can breed them and sell babies.

  • Each cat is an indivisible Ethereum token (ERC721).

BEFORE BEGINNING: To perform this CryptoKitties tutorial, you will need to know how to use the Metamask plugin. To do this, we invite you to review the Metamask tutorial beforehand.

Cryptokitties is one of the most popular decentralized applications (DApps) to date, so much so that it has accounted for more than 15% of the total transactions on the Ethereum network, but what is it all about? Basically, CryptoKitties is a game where you can collect “digital cats” which, depending on its rarity, generation, attribute or any other valuable detail, will make the cat more or less valuable. The most expensive cat in the game is the Genesis cat, which was the first cat generated on the platform and which it was last sold for 246 etheran amount equivalent to $114,000 at the time of sale (December 2017).

In addition to buying digital cats, in CryptoKitties we can breed them, which will generate new cats, which will inherit the characteristics of their predecessors, which ultimately affects their final price. You may be wondering how the price is estimated? There are specialized portals for that, such as Kittysales Fr Cryptokittydex where We will be able to see the details of every cat that is kept on the portal.

One interesting thing about these DApps is that each CryptoKitties kitten is an indivisible Ethereum token (ERC721), therefore, in order to buy, sell or any other transaction, the transaction must be done online, which implies a mining cost.

Before we start, we must remember that we will need our Metamask plugin installed and funds in ether to be able to buy our cats. When these two conditions are met, we are ready to begin.

Creating an account on CryptoKitties

The first thing we need to do is create an account on CryptoKitties. For this we will go to portal principal de Cryptokitties and select Start Meow. Before registering, we must have an unlocked Metamask wallet, otherwise we will see a message that we will not be able to register.

On the other hand, if we want to log in with an already created account, we only need to have our Metamask account unlocked to be able to access it. Accounts are directly linked to the wallet, meaning the only way to access them is through the Metamask wallet.

CryptoKitties registration screen. Fountain:

At the beginning we will find the registration form; In it you will find our wallet address, which is automatically added from Metamask. Then we will add an email and a name with which we will be identified on the platform. When all this is added, we choose Save your account information to save account information.

Signing a transaction to create an account on CryptoKitties. Source: Metamask

After we fill out the form, our Metamask wallet will open, telling us that we need to sign a transaction to create our account. To continue, we will click on Sign it and we wait for our account to finish creating and that’s it! We will have account creation.

First look at CryptoKitties

As you have noticed, registration is extremely simple; Now it’s time to explore this DApp a little.

The main screen of our account on CryptoKitties. Fountain:

In the upper central menu we will find: the menu of the cats we have (My cats), the stock market (Marketplace) and the record of activities within the platform (Activity).

At the beginning, since we still do not have a digital kitten, in the rubric My kitties Some suggestions will appear. On the other hand, we’ll see Special cats, a series of cats with special attributes and characteristics that are highly sought after by users. We’ll take a look at the end Cat Codex, a section that will organize the characteristics of each of our cats, be it eye type, spotting type, cat type, everything. As you can see, every cat has many interesting characteristics, and in this section we will be able to see what they are in an organized way.

We are buying our first cat at CryptoKitties

Up to this point we have already explored our account and how the information is organized. Now it’s time for the interesting part of this tutorial, buying our first kitten. The first thing we will do is market access; for this we will choose MarketPlace.

Kitten Exchange Market.

In the CryptoKitties collectible cat market, we will find all the crypto cats offered in the app. At the top we will see two options, All Kitties y Gen 0. In the first option we will see all the cats for sale sorted from the lowest to the highest price; In the second option, generation 0 cats will be indicated (all cats have a generation number and generation serial number). Generation 0 cats are the most special and therefore the goals of every collector The most desirable cat of all is Gen 0 cat #1, called the Genesis cat.

Below these options we will have a browser; There you can enter either the number of a specific cat, the generation or the name of the litter to speed up the search. Below the search engine we will find search filters, in which we can see cats for sale (For sale), cats that are borrowed for mating (Siring) and others (Other); In the latter we will see all existing cats, even if they are not for sale or borrowed for mating.

On the right side we will see filters to sort, either by price, generation, playing time, likes or years. In the central part we will find cryptocats found depending on our search.

Crypto cat miniature details on the market.

In the image above, we will see some of the main information, such as the price of the cat, the serial number of the cat, the generation and perhaps one of the strangest information, take it easy. The latter refers to the waiting time for playback, which can vary from a minute to a week, as you can see below.

Times to play cryptocats. Fountain:

As you can see in the previous picture, depending on the cooldown the cat has, that will be the waiting time.

To see more details about each crypto cat, we continue to select.

More detailed specifications of cryptocats. Fountain:

Here we will find specific information about the crypto cat that we intend to buy. First of all, we have a photo of the cryptocat as well as its details as we found in the previous thumbnail. By selecting the crypto cat on the right, we see who its owner is, a detail we don’t see on the kitten thumbnail.

Attributes and relatives of our kitten. Fountain:

At the bottom of her profile we will find the price, as well as the biography of the cat and its attributes, which this cat has inherited from its descendants, so depending on the rarity of the attributes, its market value may vary. But how do we know how rare an attribute is? On the portal of Cryptokittydex We will be able to know details about each cat, such as the cost to sell, the rarest attributes and which are the most wanted crypto cats. so, Depending on the attributes the cat has, its value will vary.

Under the attributes we can see the parents and children of the kittens. It should be noted that when a crypto cat has many offspring, its cooldown increases.

Once we’re clear about which cat to choose, it’s up to you to choose Buy now to buy it.

Buying a kitten at CryptoKitties. Fountain:

At this point, we confirm the purchase by selecting Ok, buy this Kitty.

Confirm your purchase of our crypto cat from our metamask wallet. Source: Metamask

Our Metamask wallet will open immediately, where we have to confirm the transaction we are doing. To continue, we choose submit and we are waiting for the transaction to be confirmed.

You can see the already purchased cat in the My Kitties section. Fountain:

Once the transaction is confirmed, that’s it! We bought our first cat. To view it, we just have to select My Kitties in the top menu.

Meet our crypto cat

Now that our crypto minino is in the account, we can see more details about it by clicking on it.

Details of our cat. Fountain:

As you can see, the details we see are the same as those we saw when buying, but with one difference. Below the owner (us), three options appear: Breed, Sell, A gift. In the first option we can “reproduce our cat”, in the second we can put our cat up for sale, and the third option is to give it away. Let’s take a detailed look at how each one works.

Reproduction of cryptocats

In CryptoKitties it is possible to give birth to a new litter of crypto cats, remember that a new cat will be born with the characteristics of the parents, and depending on the cooldown they have, the waiting time for this new cat born. To begin with, let’s choose Breed.

Form for renting our cat for mating. Fountain:

For reproduction we have three options: the first one allows us to rent our cat, so someone has to pay the rental price that we have to match. The rarer our cat is, the more desirable it will be to pair with another cat. But we have to keep something in mind: when we rent our cat to mate, The user who rents it keeps the new calf and we keep the money. On the other hand, we can mate it with another of our crypto cats or rent another user’s cat to get a new kitten.

To rent our crypto cat we select the section Mr. for the public, where we will have to specify the initial price for which we will offer the services of our cat in Enter the initial price and the final price, in Enter the final price, at the time of the end of the offer period, which we will specify in the option below. After these fields are filled, we select done.

Our Metamask wallet will open immediately, indicating that we need to confirm the transaction. We select submit and wait for confirmation to complete this process; once confirmed, done! Our cat will now be available on the market. In case you want to cancel the offer, we have to go to the details of our crypto cat and select Cancel Siring.

To pair two of our crypto cats, we will select Sire with my kittens and then select OK, let’s begin. Before this we get a warning that while the crypto cat is playing, Replay time increases.

We have to choose a good cat, so that it can inherit good traits. Fountain:

As you can see, our cat appears; Now among our cryptocats we need to choose a cryptocat with which it will be paired, selecting it in Choose kitty

Once we have a chosen pair, all we have to do is wait. Fountain:

Once we’ve selected our two crypto cats, we’ll click on Ok, give them some privacy, when we do this we have to accept the transaction that will be made from our Metamask wallet. Once that’s done, we just have to give our cats privacy and wait for our new kitten to be born.

To see the waiting time, you just need to enter My cats and we will see the time for each of them.

Cryptocat reproduction. Fountain:

In the case of the father of cryptocats, we will see He is resting, indicating to us that time was lacking for their mating again; In the case of the mother, we will see Burn in the oven, how much time is left until the new kitten is born.

Waiting time will depend on cooling which has a second cryptocat that we choose to pretend, that is, the first cat acts as the parent, and the second chosen cat is the one that will be affected by the cooldown, since it is the one that gets pregnant. It should be noted that CryptoKitties are hermaphrodites, so a cat that was a mother can be a father a second time, let’s not worry about that.

One important thing to clarify is that cryptocats cannot mate with their relatives.

To reproduce one of our cryptocats with another user’s, we have to leave Marketplace and in the filters select in the section Turn on Siring option and deselect the option For sale. If desired, we will add other filters, such as sorting by price and ascending order.

I rent a crypto market for mating. Fountain:

Here we will select the crypto cat that most attracts our attention and we will click on it.

Details of crypto cat for rent. Fountain:

In this details section, we will see specific details about the cat, such as its attributes, relatives, children, among others. To continue, we just have to choose Breed now.

Choosing cryptocats to mate with our cryptocat. Fountain:

As you can see, we will find a menu very similar to the one we had when we connected our crypto cats. Therefore, the next step is to choose a crypto cat with which we will parent one of ours, by clicking on Select Kitty and later Ok, give them some privacy; Then we have to confirm the transaction in our Metamask wallet and that’s it! We just have to wait for our new kitten.

Sell ​​to our crypto cat

We’ve already paired our crypto cats, now it’s time to sell them. To begin with, we need to enter the details of our cryptomake from My Kitties and select Sell.

Form to sell to our crypto cat. Fountain:

In this part we will fill out this little form. To begin with, we will set an initial price, which is the starting price at which our crypto cat will start selling; This will be reduced depending on the final price or the final value, and the time the cat will be for sale. After we finish entering our information, we will select Donewhich will immediately open our Metamask wallet to confirm the operation we are about to perform, we accept by clicking on Submit and ready! After the transaction is confirmed, our crypto cat can be displayed on the CryptoKitties market.

Gift our crypto cat

Another operation we can perform with our cryptominins is to give them away. To do this, we will go to the details of our crypto cat and select A gift.

To gift our cryptominy, we only need the destination address. Fountain:

To gift one of our crypto cats, we need the destination address, then select Gift Kitty, confirm the transaction from our Metamask wallet, wait for it to be confirmed and that’s it! We have already given away our first crypto cat.

CryptoKitties Opinions

CryptoKitties is a collectible cat game that has a large number of active users and is gaining popularity. Likewise, more and more new kitty designs are being added to the platform, from Genesis cryptocats, to bug cryptocats, to Stephen Curry’s personalized cat, where each cryptocat is a unique token with characteristics that distinguish them from the rest.

Perhaps one of the shortcomings that could cause problems, which was already in December 2017, is the saturation of the Ethereum network. Recall that each crypto cat is an ERC721 token, so for the exchange it is necessary to make transactions that generate commissions on the network. Saturation causes fees to skyrocket and makes doing any transaction within the platform somewhat tedious due to the rising fees.

Now it’s your turn to try this decentralized application and have your own crypto servants.

If you want to see a video tutorial on how to use this app, you can visit our channel. YouTube.

Featured image of CryptoKitties

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