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Changelly: one of the fastest ways to exchange cryptocurrencies

Changelly is an online service that offers the possibility of exchanging between more than 140 different cryptocurrencies, with a low commission (0.5% of the total exchange amount) and an excellent exchange rate.

In order to achieve the best rate, Changelly acts as an intermediary between you and the major crypto exchanges in the marketsuch as Bittrex, Poloniex, Binance, etc., because during the exchange the implemented algorithm consults different exchange rates of the crypto market, choosing the optimal one.

Now, given that Changelly is not the one that directly exchanges cryptocurrencies, the following must be taken into account: at the moment before starting the exchange operation, we are shown an estimated exchange rate, based on which it calculates the amount that we will receive in exchange for. But this rate may be slightly different from the closing rate, as the crypto exchange will be in charge of setting the final exchange rate. However, Changelly guarantees it to us the difference will be significantly low, thanks to the immediacy with which transactions are carried out within the platform.

On the other side, Changelly blocks all types of exchanges with certain cryptocurrencies that suffer extreme variations at a given moment, especially when the cryptocurrency goes through a period of price volatility in a few seconds, in order to avoid a significant difference between the opening rate and the closing rate.

Save time on exchanges

The queries that Changelly makes within a group of crypto exchanges to determine the best exchange rate avoid the work of manually depositing funds within the exchange, waiting for confirmation, making the exchange, and finally withdrawing.

In addition, this platform offers us a maximum exchange time of 30 minutes, which may vary depending on the network congestion of the cryptocurrency you are exchanging.

With Changelly, exchanges are made directly, and the final deposit is sent to a wallet of our choice.

Take it wherever you want

Changelly is not just a web service—the name we’ll use in this guide—but a platform with its own Android app, which will allow you to do the same exchanges you do from the web.

Changelly is integrated into wallets such as Jaxx Liberty, Atomic Wallet or Coinomi, which allow exchanges through this platform, but directly from the wallet.

Buy cryptocurrencies

Thanks to the integration of the Simplex service, through Changelly you can buy cryptocurrencies with your bank cards in a simple and safe way.

Benefits of using Changelly

In short, with Changelly you get:

  • The best rates on the market, thanks to the integration of its algorithm in several exchange offices.
  • Reasonable rates, because we are talking about a commission of 0.5% on the amount that changes.
  • A quick transaction that will take between 5 and 30 minutes.
  • High limits for each transaction.
  • 24/7 chat support.

Register on Changelly

To make an exchange on Changelly you must go to portal principal de Changelly.

The first step of registration is to select the option Registration which you will find at the top.

To register, just add your email. Although it is possible to register through one of your social networkssuch as: Facebook or Twitter.

The next step is to click on Continue exchange, to receive an email with the purpose of confirming the email address and completing the registration, which looks like this:

Please note that if you do not find this email in your inbox, you should look for it in your Junk or Spam folder.

To confirm your email address you must click on the ‘next link’ link and you will receive an email with login credentials, email address and password automatically generated by the platform.

We recommend, for security, to change the automatically generated password, for which you re-enter the Changelly portal, with the received credentials and select the Account option at the top, then Settings, where you can change your password.

Exchange cryptocurrencies with Changelly

The steps to exchange through Changelly are quite simple. The first is to register on the platform.

The second step is to go to the main page to select the two cryptocurrencies that we will exchange.

The first thing we will do is choose the cryptocurrency to send: for that we will click on the acronym BTC yes display a list with all currently available cryptoassets. The next step is to select the cryptocurrency you will receive from the box below.

Then you need to enter the amount to send, and when we do that we will see how the total amount to be received is shown at the bottom, depending on the current exchange rate. Please note that Changelly processes minimum amounts required for exchange, which vary depending on the chosen cryptocurrency. And, if you enter an amount that is less than this, a small yellow text will be displayed indicating the current minimum amount.

To go to the next step, click Exchange now.

On this screen, you will be able to see more detailed information about the exchange to be made. Note that here you can also change previously registered values, such as cryptocurrencies and exchange amount.

In the details section you can see:

  • The exchange rate evaluated by Changelly, in this case 1BTC = 29.22 ETH.
  • Exchange commission, which refers to the amount that the platform charges for the execution of the operation.
  • Network fee, which is the mining fee that needs to be paid.
  • Estimated arrival, which is the estimated average time to complete the process. U Occasionally this time will vary depending on the network congestion of the cryptocurrency we receive.

Remember that the exchange rate is estimated, as the amount of cryptocurrency to receive may vary from what the platform originally estimated.

To continue, we must read the Terms of Use and if you agree, check the appropriate box and select Next Step

The next step is to enter the destination address of the cryptocurrency we will receive and then press Next Step.

Finally, before sending the funds, we are shown the details of the exchange to be made. New here compared to the data you saw at the beginning of this process would be the recipient address.

All that remains is to press Confirm and make the payment.

Finally, it’s time to send cryptocurrencies to the exchange by scanning the QR code or copying the wallet address displayed on the screen. Don’t forget to send the exact amount you specified at the beginning If the address does not receive the full amount, the exchange will not be made.

After the funds have been sent, you must wait for the transaction to receive the minimum number of confirmations corresponding to its blockchain, for the transaction to be confirmed by Changelly, and for you to receive the funds in your wallet.

You can find the history of exchanges that you have made or that are in progress by clicking on Account and then on the History option.


The main thing to highlight about this platform is the time you save when doing the exchange, because you don’t have to do a manual search in several exchange offices in search of the best exchange rate, but you can get it in a short time in one place.

Another interesting fact is the number of different cryptocurrencies available since then Changelly There are more than 130 different crypto assets between tokens or cryptocurrencies available for exchange.

You can also watch the video tutorial on our channel. YouTube.

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