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Exchange cryptocurrencies easily, quickly and at the best rate at Crypto InterCambio

Key facts:
  • Crypto InterCambio enables transactions without any platform registration, KYC or AML.

  • The platform allows you to exchange between more than 100 different cryptocurrencies at the best rate.

Cryptocurrency exchange can be a bit tedious, from depositing on the exchange to finally withdrawing the funds is a process that can take hours, with no guarantee that you will get the best rate in the market. That is why it is born Crypto InterCambio, a platform that enables the exchange between more than 100 different cryptocurrenciesachieving the best rate on the market and in record time.

Likewise, when we talk about cryptocurrencies, the concept of privacy is usually closely related to them and, although there may be similar platforms on the market, Crypto InterCambio manages to stand out from the rest, because it allows us to perform transactions without any registration within the platform; that is, to perform completely private and anonymous operations.

Crypto InterCambio is a simple exchange platform where, even without technical knowledge, you can exchange the cryptocurrencies you want in 4 simple steps

The best rate on the market without commission

In order for Crypto InterCambio to give us the best rate on the market, its algorithm is integrated with the largest and most reliable exchanges on the market, thus allowing a comparison of their exchange rates in real time, nor offer us only the best rate, but it will be completely commission-free.

Advantages of using Crypto InterCambio

  • No registration, no KYC or AML validation.
  • More than 100 cryptocurrencies available.
  • No commission.
  • Exchange in 30 minutes (This may vary depending on network saturation).
  • Exchange funds are deposited directly to the recipient’s address.

Start an exchange. The process consists of 4 simple steps, so we will move on director of the portal go step by step.

1.- Select cryptocurrencies and amount to exchange

After entering Crypto InterCambio you will immediately find a box from which you can select a cryptocurrency pair and the amount to exchange.

Something interesting is that the platform does not set limits on minimum or maximum exchange amounts, but, Sometimes the pair to be exchanged may require a minimum amount to cover the mining commission. Therefore, as a precaution, when you enter an amount less than the prescribed minimum, you will see the following message:

Minimum amount: 0.00128 BTC

This alert will tell you that this is currently the minimum amount required to trade the pair you have selected.

In the case of maximum amounts, since there is no maximum limit, you can perform operations of the size you want. However, Crypto InterCambio advises not to exchange very large amounts in the same operation to avoid high demand for that cryptocurrency which affects your exchange rate and therefore the favorable exchange rate you achieved. To avoid this, you can divide the total amount into several smaller exchange operations, with time periods between each of several hours, and thus get the optimal exchange rate.

Returning to the previous point, when entering the amount you want to exchange, the approximate amount to be received in the selected cryptocurrency, calculated at the current exchange rate, will appear at the bottom. Please note that due to the volatility of cryptocurrencies, the final amount you receive may differ slightly from what we see in this step.

To proceed to the next step, click Change Now.

2.- Set the destination address

One of the advantages we get when using Crypto InterCambio is that the result of the exchange operation is deposited directly to the wallet address you provide, without restrictive deposits or anything like that.

Make sure you have entered the correct address of the wallet that accepts the cryptocurrency to exchange, because The platform is not responsible for funds sent to wrong addresses.

3.- Confirm data exchange

Before you proceed to deposit the amount of cryptocurrency for the exchange, the platform will show you a summary of the operation you will perform.

Screen details:

  • You are sending: Total to send in selected cryptocurrency.
  • You receive: Total amount to receive in selected cryptocurrency.
  • Network speed: It is the total amount to pay the mining commission, remember that it is subtracted from the total amount exchanged.
  • Expected exchange rate: It is the current approximate exchange rate. Please note that this rate may vary slightly from the final rate.
  • Recipient’s address: The address of the wallet that will receive the exchange amount. Make sure it’s the one you specified in step two.
  • Expected arrival: Estimated time the exchange operation will take after the deposit has been confirmed. This time may be affected by network saturation.

To get the deposit address just select Confirm and pay.

4.- Pay the deposit

Before viewing the information related to the deposit address, the platform displays a notification that you must save the transaction ID

This is because Crypto InterCambio stores the exchange history only on our device, so if you want to check this transaction from another device, you will need to know the transaction ID. also, You can access your history from the History option in the top menu.

We then see, in the image above, the deposit address along with the QR code equivalent. By the time you make a deposit, don’t forget to send the exact amount you specified, because if you don’t, you may not receive the correct amount or the transaction may not be completed correctly. Also, please note that you will have 36 hours to make the deposit, otherwise the transaction will be canceled and you will have to generate a new one.

Now all that’s left is to deposit and let Crypto InterCambio do all the work.

As soon as the platform detects the deposit, we will be presented with a previous screen where we can see the exchange process: First of all, the deposit will have to receive the stipulated number of confirmations within the corresponding blockchain to confirm that it is an irreversible transaction. After that, the platform continues with the execution of the exchange, and finally makes a deposit at the destination address that we specify.

When the transaction is confirmed, the previous image will appear. Here we can see the final exchange rate along with the total amount we receive. At the bottom we will see the Hash or identifier of the deposit transaction that will allow us to confirm through the block browser that the specified deposit was made directly.


With a catalog of more than 100 different cryptocurrencies, with exchanges in record time and also without commissions, Crypto InterCambio manages to set the standard among existing exchange platforms. In addition, you will be able to do this entire process in complete anonymity, without any kind of registration or identity verification.

On the other hand, another aspect that stands out is its intuitive and minimalistic interface, which allows you to perform exchanges in just 4 very simple steps, offering an attractive experience for new users.

In conclusion, Crypto InterCambio is one of those platforms that helps us in our daily life by not only offering us the best rate in record time, but in turn it is completely commission-free.

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