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Faswet, Emet’s cryptocurrency e-commerce platform

Key facts:
  • You can quickly compare Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, EBG, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Dash providers.

  • Store and transfer your cryptocurrencies quickly and securely with a security key.

broadcasts, digital ecosystem of cryptocurrencies introduces to the cryptographic market Fasweta cryptocurrency e-commerce platform with a simple user interface, which, like its entire ecosystem, is developed on its own blockchain (EmetBG).

Faswet It is coming to provide trust and transform the digital economy into a safe, simple and easily controlled place. It is the heart of the Emet ecosystem and as an inclusive platform allows any user to easily adapt to the operations it contains.

Trade 7 major cryptocurrencies on the market: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, EmetBG, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Dash.

Like all platforms in the Emet ecosystem, Faswet has KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) verification and support, as background guarantees when using cryptographic assets. In addition, Faswet has a number of features that make it the most secure and versatile wallet on the market:

  1. A shared wallet system, which provides security to sellers and buyers.
  2. Buying and Selling Cryptocurrencies P2P (Person to Person)
  3. P2P (Person to Person) exchanges with 21 exchange peers
  4. It has its own business API
  5. Run smart contracts
  6. Provides access to the ecosystem’s cold wallet (Ailewux)
  7. Attractive design
  8. Intuitive and friendly user interface

There are three ways to enter Faswet: The first of them and the most suitable for our needs is to download the application from the Android Play Store

There you will find the entrance to the platform.

If you are on a laptop or PC, you can enter through the central platform and when you go there to the section Our platforms and choose Faswet.

You can also go directly to which has an agile approach.

The interface is comfortable with all elements arranged so that they can be quickly distinguished at a glance. The first thing you should do is leave Account and display a menu that gives you two options: Log in Fr Record.

Upon entry Log in You access the email type menu which gives you the traditional option of signing in via email and entering the platform with Facebook and Gmail. This is if you have already registered and created your own account.

If you are logging in for the first time, there is only one login form which is quite convenient as it doesn’t force the user to go from screen to screen. It also gives you options to register using your Facebook or Gmail account details.

After completing the registration, you need to login, which will take you to your account panel. There you will be able to see the market prices of cryptocurrencies managed by Faswet, a chart of the price of the selected currency and below the list of your wallets for each crypto showing your available, blocked and deferred balance.

The previous step-by-step shows us a general entry to access the Faswet operating menu, but depending on what you’re going to do, it will direct you to different options that we’ll detail below.

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Cryptocurrency purchase and exchange operations are performed in the menu option Operationsthen you have to click on Comprar and select the cryptocurrency you are interested in. You will find seven major cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, EBG, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Dash.

This screen will display all sales publications with the appropriate dollar conversion. You can order publications in several ways, and if you want to see them in your local currency or in another currency, you must select a currency from the list.

Enter the publication you’re interested in for sales details and seller ratings, then click on I am interested inchoose one of your cryptocurrency receiving addresses, choose a payment method to your seller, upload your payment support and confirm the platform purchase commission.

Then the purchase amount will be delayed in the shared wallet until the seller confirms the transaction and completes the purchase process. A balance or pending balance is an amount debited from one of your wallets or sent to one of them and waiting for network confirmations to take effect or become available.

You can track your transaction in the menu option Operations and then click on Transactions, on the cryptocurrency in question and on the Purchases button.

Below you are shown the Pending Transactions screen, where you can check your cryptocurrency deposit, ① rate the seller, ② upload payment support and ③ confirm the operation.

By clicking the Show Support button, you are presented with the first of three screens below, to upload the invoice, the second to confirm the upload, and the third to send to the seller.

You have two options to top up your wallet. The first of these is after you log in and enter Panel by Faswet, you click Top up your Wallet,

which will immediately open a screen called Receive with 7 major cryptocurrencies to choose from: Bitcoin, EmetBG, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Dash.

After selecting your currency, you will need to select a wallet address to receive the top-up funds. You have two options: use the QR code or copy the address to be sent as requested to the issuer or use it as the destination address from an external wallet.

The second time of replenishment begins with the usual entry into Panel by Faswet, but this time you click on the menu option Accounts:

When you select the currency to receive, a screen will appear with three options: New Account, Send or Receive. You must select Receive:

When you click on the Receive button, a screen will open showing the balance of the selected currency, and there you must select an address. In doing so, as in the first option, a QR code and wallet address will be displayed to which the top-up will be sent, which you must copy in order to use it as the destination of the funds.

In each transaction, it is important to pay attention to the colors that the platform shows us because it allows us to know the status of each transaction: Green = approved; Orange = in process within the blockchain.

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Logging into Faswet for selling is the same as for sending cryptocurrency. You have to click on the option in the menu Operations and then on Sale,

A new screen appears in front of you where you choose the cryptocurrency you want to sell and click the New Sale button. Note that you can sell the main cryptocurrencies that the entire Emet ecosystem works with: Bitcoin, EmetBG, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Dash.

Then you confirm the commission of the platform:

The next step is to select the wallet address from which you want to withdraw the amount to sell and enter the value of the cryptocurrency you want to sell. As with shipping, you can see the amount in dollars or local currency.

In the next step, a noticeable difference compared to other digital wallets in the sales process is that the user will be able to highlight the transaction if they want, in order to achieve greater reach.

Highlighting the post operation will have an additional cost which is displayed on the displayed screen. The publication will remain active and the amount for the sale will be blocked in the shared wallet until the buyer becomes interested or cancels beforehand.

When another user is interested in your sale, you can follow the post in the menu option Operationsclick on the Transactions button, and on the next screen you select the cryptocurrency to sell and the Sell button.

Below you will be shown the Pending Transactions screen where you will be able to see all your information including payment support.

Finally, you confirm that the money has been entered and the user has confirmed the operation, qualify the customer and confirm the sale with a red arrow.

Additionally, the seller has the ability to generate a smart contract about their sale. On the way: Operations > Transactions > Select cryptocurrency > Select currency type > Sell > Generate contract.

If you think a cryptocurrency will have a much higher price increase than others you own or you just want to exchange your cryptocurrencies for others, you can do so with Fasweto. Simply select an option from the menu Operationsafter following the usual access steps and click the Exchange button.

Once you are here, you need to select the cryptocurrency pair you want to trade by clicking on their symbol. Faswet has 21 pairs among 7 cryptocurrencies managed by the ecosystem: Bitcoin, EBG, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Dash. The traded pair will be automatically ordered.

Below are the buy and sell lists of selected pairs. The list of sell orders shows all the operations of traders who have an EBG sell position and receive BTC as payment.

The list of buy orders shows all trades of traders who have an EBG buy position and pay in BTC.

The market trading list shows all the transactions made by traders from all over the world in the last few hours.

Below the previous lists is the New Exchange section, where you have to select Purchase and then Operational Wallet to receive it to proceed with the exchange operation. Here we assume that you want to exchange your BTC amount for EmetBG:

Then you will ①enter the amount of EBG you want to buy and ②check the BTC exchange value. Select Market Value to have the platform choose the cheapest BTC price at the moment. Then ③select the wallet address from which the BTC discount for the transaction will be made. Finally, click Create New Order and wait for your EBGs.

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If you want to send a part of your cryptocurrencies to a wallet address outside the Faswet platform, you need to select a menu option Accounts and then select the cryptocurrency you want to send: Bitcoin, EmetBG, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Dash. Then select Send.

A window is displayed warning you of the transaction cost, which you must confirm to continue:

A new window appears to enter the address of the destination wallet, select the wallet from which the crypto will be debited and register the amount of crypto to send, which you can see simultaneously converted to dollars or local currency.

The notes section will be used to write the details of the transaction so that you can continue.

The last step is to enter the six (6) digits of the transaction key that was assigned at the time of registration. This concludes the operation.

Now that you have the answer: Make it real. Let it be Faswet.

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