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Guide: Brave, an ad-free browser that makes bitcoin payments easy

Sometimes we tend to browse websites full of advertisements, with ads that are a bit annoying. It’s nothing new to have extensions that block such advertising, helping to make navigation much more fluid. But Bravelythe browser we’ll see next has this feature natively.

Brave doesn’t just block ads; It also has a platform micropagos con bitcoinswhere We can make direct donations to our favorite sites. But what does that mean? or why would i do that? First of all, a site implies costs, whether for maintenance, development or content staff. In general, there are various methods that you, as a site owner, can profit from while maintaining your site, the most effective of which is to publish ads on your site.

However, this is not possible in the Brave browser because it completely suppresses the display of ads. It’s because of that Brave makes the micropayments platform accessible to userswhich allows you to donate directly to our favorite websites and thus thank them in one way or another for the quality of their content.

What benefits will using this micro payment platform bring to the user? Generally speaking, in everyday life, when you pay for a service well received, it tends to improve. The same thing happens with websites: as long as the website receives good compensation (from us, because they won’t get paid for posting ads “because of Hrabro” and its ad blocking), content creators will be motivated to continue with their websites. . So if you visit Cryptonotics From Brave, you can safely give your grain of sand on the portal, because we are confirmed to receive donations within this platform, and in this way we improve our content for you every day.

Now, Brave not only presents these two striking features; It is also a very visually attractive web browser, because it has a very intuitive and simple interface, which reminds us a bit of Safari, Apple’s browser, although it is really based on Chrome, and has all the features and support for it.

On the security side, Brave is completely open sourceso if you are one of those curious IT people, or you are interested in how the micropayment system is managed and how your money is protected, you can easily see GitHub de Brave. Also, this browser uses platforms like BitGo and Coinbase to guarantee our funds. In this guide, we will teach you how to use this platform.

Getting started with the Brave browser

First, the first download and installation. For this we will go to portal principal de Brave which will show us the next window.

Portal principal de Brave

We don’t have to do much here. If we are on the computer where we want to install Brave, we just need to click on «Get Brave«, since the portal automatically detects which operating system we are using. Otherwise, we can click on «Download Locks for another platform» to show us the different platforms Brave works on. in terms of this, Brave works on all major operating systemses decides: Windows, Linux, OSX, Android and IOS.

Having already downloaded the executable, we will install it normally. No technical knowledge is required to perform this step. When we’re done, we’ll have the Brave app on your desktop; When we open it, it will show us the following.

The initial screen when you first start Brave.

As we mentioned at the beginning, Brave has a super simple interface. At the top is an address bar that also works as a browser; We will configure it later. The numbers we see on the screen refer to number of blocked ads and trackers.

To begin, we need to configure our browser in Spanish. We will click on the 3 vertical dots located in the upper right corner, then we will click on «Setup«; here will show us the following.

Brave Settings main page

If we look at the options, we can find the section «Language«; here we will choose «Spanish«. We will be prompted to reboot. We click on «Yes» and that’s it, we’ll have Brave in Spanish.

Now we can explore Brave however we want, if we want to try, we can open the page and see the loading time, as shown in the following image

Criptonoticias ad-free portal loading speed test

Experimenting with Brave micropayments

We mentioned earlier that Brave suppresses advertising on websites and makes micropayments available for us to collaborate with our sites. Now let’s see how it works. First we have to click on the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner and go to «Settings«. There we will click in the left menu, on the section «Paid» which will show us the next window.

Initial screen before activating Brave micropayments

Here he gives us a brief introduction about what it is «Brave Payments«. It must be taken into account that this platform is still in the beta phase – that is, in the testing phase – and may have some shortcomings. But let us not fear; there are very few of them. Now, to start we have to click on «rubber band» which is at the top and set it “on«. This will show us the following.

Newly created wallet on Brave

Brave will automatically create a wallet for your bitcoins BitGo which can later be recovered using two validation keys. We’ll explain later how to get these keys and how to get your wallet back, if you already have one. First, we’ll explain what you’re seeing. At the top there is a button for advanced options. When we click on it, the following will appear.

Advanced settings for our Brave wallet

Here we are shown:

  • The time it would take for a page to be considered relevant and added to the list of most visited pages.
  • The number of page visits must be taken into account for our list.
  • “Switches” show us whether: we want to have sites with less than 1% of visits and notifications about payments made.

We’re not done explaining this screen yet, but we need to highlight it in this section. At the bottom are «Back up your wallet» y «Recover your wallet«. If you click on the first one, you will find two automatically generated security keys for your current wallet. Lock also allows you to download a TXT file that will contain your keys. !Be careful, this file is very easy to open and viewso keep it well, although if possible, copy your passwords to some paper or physical medium and do not keep them digital, as it makes your funds vulnerable to hacking. If, despite reading this advice, you decide to save your passwords digitally, you can click the button «Recover your wallet» to copy your keys or restore them from a TXT file. Okay, let’s continue. In the middle, information about our portfolio appears: Amount of weekly donations, current balance next to the button to add funds and status. We’ll explain how this works better later, so don’t worry for now. At the bottom, A list of the most visited sites appears, and within this table there are statistics on the number of site visits, duration and percentage in relation to total visits. We also find an option to include a specific page to receive donations from us, in «turn on«.

Adding the Brave browser background

In order to make a donation, we must first have sufficient funds. The first thing we’re going to do is deposit some bitcoins into our Brave wallet. But… And the address? Don’t worry, we just have to click on «Add funds…» to show us the following

Different ways Brave wallet has to add funds.

Here we will have 3 options:

  • The first refers us to Buy Bitcoin worldwide, a portal that serves as a search engine for bitcoin buying and selling websites. All we have to do is choose the country and the method we want for the transaction.
  • The second option shows us our Brave wallet address and the option to copy it to the wallet.
  • Finally, we have the option to display the address abstraction in the QR code.

After we have made the transfer using the desired method, we can continue. Brave will show us the amount of money we have in the wallet, as well as the date of our next donation, as shown in the image below.

The funds have already been transferred to our Brave wallet and are ready to be used.

Now, by simply telling Brave what your monthly budget will be and depositing the funds into your wallet, Brave will automatically calculate the percentage that will belong to each of the sites you’ve included, depending on the budget you specify. It should be noted that You must consider the pages for which you wish to receive paymentthis is why you should take the time to configure it.

Final considerations

If you are one of those who are allergic to internet advertising, Brave is a good alternative to avoid it, although keeping in mind that it is not the only one that has this feature natively in the current browser market. Even though it’s Chrome-based, Brave will help you navigate more easily It also causes problems with high RAM consumption.

On the other hand, we have another striking feature, which is the micro-payments platform. So if you hate advertising and ads (which you won’t see in Brave), you can interact with sites using them.

Considering the previous position, and emphasizing, Cryptonoticias has been confirmed to accept donations through this platform. So, if you want to try, our portal is a great option.

However, this platform has a drawback, and it is neither technical nor internal, but market and advertising. The platform is a great option for those who want to collaborate, but Brave does not advertise this feature, make it known, or tell the user why there are ads on the Internet and what would happen to the websites we visit if we remove them.. Nor do they reflect the importance of cooperation with our favorite portals. Despite this shortcoming, Brave is presented as an excellent browser for avoiding redundant advertising on certain websites.

Featured Image Courtesy Bravely

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