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Guide: Using Jaxx, a cryptocurrency wallet on any platform

Key facts:
  • Developed by the Decentral team, it can be used on major operating systems.

  • It allows you to store up to 10 different cryptocurrencies in one place.

WARNING: The instructions used in the pictures in this guide are just an example. When transferring funds from your own wallet, you need to have your addresses, especially the recipient, so that the funds get where they need to go.

No, the title doesn’t lie. Jaxx is a portfolio developed by the team at Decentralized, which can be used in all major existing operating systems. Also, Jaxx allows you to store up to 10 different cryptocurrencies in the same place, among them bitcoins y as of September 2016. Ethereum. All of this makes Jaxxa allows you to have your digital currencies wherever you want.

Simplicity and speed are the main premises of Jaxx. With a design oriented towards minimalism and a very pleasant user interface, Jaxx makes one of the most recommended options for users who are just starting out in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Jaxx main screen after boot

As seen in the previous image, Jaxx’s interface is extremely simple and intuitive. Although for new users it is worth noting that uses only English languagebut that shouldn’t be a problem, because the one used in this wallet is very simple.

Leaving the design aside, let’s talk about it safety. Can we be sure it’s completely safe? Yes, without a doubt. Jaxx works under HD (Deterministic Hierarchy) wallet technology. This means that it will generate a new address, first creating a master seed, and automatically backing up the old addresses. All this is done by creating 12 random words from the main seed created. Despite these security measures to protect your data, through this guide we will let you know what data you must keep in a safe place.

Create and configure our new Jaxx wallet

As we mentioned at the beginning of this tutorial, Jaxx works on different platforms, but this time we will focus on Windows. Although it is worth noting The general configuration is the same for all devices where we want to use our Jaxx wallet.

First of all, we need to go to the site and clicking on the “Get Jaxx Free” button takes us to the next page, where we will choose the operating system of our choice.

Jaxx download page

After downloading the ZIP file, we unpack it wherever we want and enter the folder.

Now we will click on the Jaxx.exe file and the following window will open.

The main screen when starting Jaxx

– Create a new wallet: This option will create a new wallet on our device, just like our 12 random words will be created.

-Pair your device: This option will allow us to match our wallet by scanning a QR code or entering our 12 words.

-Return wallet: Here Jaxx allows us to get our wallet back, of course we already have 12 words generated from Jaxx or any other wallet.

In this guide we will focus on the first; on how to create and configure our Jaxx wallet. Therefore, we will click on the first option, where immediately after that a window will load showing that our HD portfolio is being created. After creation, the following window will appear.

Once we are on the main screen, we will first focus on generating our 12 words to create future backups of our portfolio. To do this, we will click on the icon shown in the image above. After that, the following menu will be displayed where we will click on “Tools”, as shown in the following image.

There the following menu will appear where we must select the first option:

After clicking, a counter will appear and a button that we will click when we are done with the first one. After doing this, they will show us our 12 private words.

These phrases are sometimes so jealously guarded that there are people who write them down and keep them in safes.

It is necessary to remind that these phrases are They must be kept in a safe place and in the same order in which they were generated. To do this, we recommend that you write them on paper or any other physical medium, and avoid storing them on digital media, as the latter are prone to hacking.

Once we have saved our words, we will click on NEXT and this will send us to a screen where we must enter the words in order, to confirm that they have been saved correctly.

Here the words must be entered in the same order in which they were generated

Having already confirmed the words, now we need to set the PIN. A PIN is a four-digit security code that prevents malicious parties from viewing private information. The PIN can be compared to our ATM password number, because if we don’t have it we won’t be able to do our operations.

To generate it we will return to the main menu, but this time we will click on “Settings”, which will show us the next screen where we will click on the highlighted button.

After we have done that, we will be shown a screen where we have to register a four-digit PIN.

After assigning the appropriate PIN, we need to confirm it. and ready! We already have our wallet configured and secure for sending funds. It should be noted that Jaxx does not require a large amount of configuration to use, because it does wallet A little basic, but very effective.

Send and receive

Now that we have configured the wallet, how do we send and receive funds?

Enable the receipt of fundsthe first thing we have to consider is what kind of cryptocurrency we will get, knowing that Jaxx it doesn’t work with just one currency. First of all, we need to go to the top and choose which of our cryptocurrencies we want to work with.

After we select the cryptocurrency of our choice, it will give us the address created for that particular cryptocurrency. It must be taken into account that addresses between different electronic currencies usually differ. To copy the address, we can click on the following icon.

The address can also be copied by dragging the pointer

This will cause the address to be copied to our wallet so that it can be sent to the desired person later.

After you have received the currencies, they will appear on the left side in the “Transaction History” section as “Unconfirmed”: this may take some time to confirm, depending on the commission paid to the miners.

Now, to send currency We need to repeat step number one to receive: choose the currency to send. After that we have to click SEND, where the following interface will open.

In this section Several important factors must be considered:

First, we need to set the destination address in the above box as shown in the image.

Then in the field below, we have to enter the amount we want to send. It should be noted that below this box appears the text “Spendable” which indicates the total amount that can be sent from our portfolio, considering that this indicator will always mark a smaller amount compared to the existing one, as Jaxx automatically calculates the commission that will be paid to the miners.

After everything is ready, we proceed by pressing the SEND button located next to the amount box. Pressing it will open the next screen.

Here we have to choose which mining speed we want. This must be taken into account The higher the speed, the higher the commission amount. After selection we will click on CONFIRM and that’s it! We have already sent our funds.

Additional notes

As we understand, Jaxx is a simple and basic wallet, very suitable for beginners who are venturing into the world of cryptocurrencies. Likewise, Jaxx has a number of features that give it a unique touch in the world of digital wallets. One of them is the inclusion of a “Currency” section that we can access from the menu. In that we can see the price of the selected cryptocurrency in real time and its equivalence in different currencies of the world.

On the other hand, we have the inclusion of technology ShapeShift and what is it? Well, this allows us to instant exchange between electronic currencies from the same Jaxx portfolio. To do this, we just need to go to the SEND section and select the Zorro icon, as shown in the image. There we will only select the destination currency we want, and the exchanged currency will be automatically transferred to our wallet.

Pros and cons

Between avg We may include:

-Easy to use.

-Easy adaptation to new users.

-A large number of cryptocurrencies supported.

– Speed ​​in terms of sending and receiving data.

– Automatic backup of old addresses.


-Unfriendly at the time of installation.

-Uses a higher minimum commission compared to other wallets.

– It does not allow creating new addresses, only when closing and opening the application.

-If a wallet has already been created in a Windows environment and you want to create a new one, the process is a bit complicated.

Either way, between the flavors and the colors, Jaxx is a bag that’s always ready for more. We hope for a speedy improvement of the Decentral team.

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