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How to use Ethereum MetaMask wallet on your Android or iOS phone

Key facts:
  • MetaMask allows you to store ETH and any token on the Ethereum network.

  • CryptoKitties, Compound, Maker among others are available in this wallet.

MetaMask has launched its Ethereum wallet app for Android and iOS phones, where you can enjoy all the features offered by the web browser plugin. In this tutorial we will show you how to use it, from how to create a wallet, to how to access different Dapps (decentralized applications) available on the Ethereum network. All this in your purse or wallet, completely in Spanish.

What is MetaMask wallet?

Wallet functionality MetaMask allows you to easily use decentralized applications. This one, although it’s an Ethereum wallet, where you have recovery seeds and so on, serves as a bridge between your money (ether and tokens from the same network) and the mobile applications (App) you use.

When you first open the MetaMask app, it will give you a quick tour of all its features. Source: MetaMask.

Inside the Ethereum MetaMask Mobile Wallet You’ll have all the benefits of a web browser plugin, thanks to its own internal browser that lets you access Dapps. This is, of course, protected and encrypted. In addition, you will also have a blacklist service, which prevents you from accessing malicious websites that want to steal your cryptocurrencies or your data.

How to create a wallet in MetaMask?

The first thing you need to do before creating a wallet in MetaMask is obviously to download the official application. as a tip, always go to official app portal to get original app linkthis to avoid downloading fake apps.

You can visit the website official MetaMask to get you started.

When you start, MetaMask will show you 3 options: import the seed wallet, scan the seed QR code and create a new wallet (Create Wallet). For the purposes of this guide, you must select the Create Wallet option.

Due to security measures, when creating the wallet and generating the recovery seed, MetaMask blocks screenshots. Source: MetaMask.

The steps to create a wallet are:

  • create your password: You must assign a password to protect the application on the device where you create the wallet. This key is not associated with your recovery seed at all. You can also use your phone’s biometric verification system.
  • Secure your wallet: An essential step to protect your assets. You must copy your 12-word recovery seed to a safe location. It is best to copy them on a sheet of paper, avoiding backup copies on digital media.
  • Confirm the recovery phrase: This is to confirm that you have copied the recovery seed correctly.

You can restore your MetaMask recovery source, created in the browser plugin, within the mobile app.

When all these steps are ready, you’ll see a screen telling you what data MetaMask collects and what it doesn’t. If you agree, you just need to press the appropriate button — if you don’t, the wallet will still be generated — and your wallet will be ready to use.

How to send and receive funds using MetaMask

You can share your wallet address directly in the app of your choice via the appropriate icon. Source: MetaMask.

If you’ve used a cryptocurrency wallet before, whether it’s Ethereum or not, you’ll find that it’s the same process. instead of that, If it’s your first time, don’t worry, we’ll explain step by step.

When you get started, MetaMask gives you a quick tour of the different features the wallet has. Source: MetaMask.

To receive a cryptocurrency or token, you need to have a wallet address. In MetaMask, one address per account is managed, because you can create different accounts from the same seed. We’ll explain how this works later.

The wallet address can be found in the side menu under the Add option.

What you have here is a QR code, which is an abstraction of your real address, which you can see at the bottom. Now you just need to share the address, either by clicking Copy or by QR code. Once the funds are sent, you will be able to see the balance from the main window.

In case you want to receive ERC20 tokens or any other from the Ethereum network, the same procedure is followed: sharing an ETH address. However, to see the amount of a particular token reflected in your account, you will need to add it to your list of available tokens from the +Add Tokens option.

In the case of sending, you will need to locate the Send option which you will find in the side menu.

To see the available balance for sending different tokens, you must first manually add them to your list. Source: MetaMask.

In this small form you must enter: the account you want to send from (if you have created more than one) and the destination address. In the next step, you will need to indicate whether you want to send ETH or any other token, along with the amount. Finally, you will see a small summary of the transaction, all you have to do is click Submit.

Create accounts in MetaMask

When you create a new wallet, you create an account. With the seed you generate, it is possible to create a number of accounts, since the account inside the MetaMask phone wallet refers to one Ethereum address.

To create a new account, you must select your account icon at the top.

Funds in each account (address) are kept as separate balances. Source: MetaMask

Here, to generate a new account, you need to click on Create New Account and a new one will be automatically generated.

You can also import accounts, which would import the private key. However, by doing this procedure what you are doing is you can manage the funds of that private key from within MetaMask, but its backup will not be associated with your initial recovery number that you generated in the beginning.

Organize your Ether and tokens in MetaMask

The collectibles that are in your wallet address are loaded automatically. Otherwise, you have the +Add Collectible option. Source: MetaMask.

MetaMask offers you a very versatile way to organize your crypto assets within the app. By default, when you log in for the first time, you will only find your balance in ETH. However, as we have already explained well, you can add the various tokens you received to that address from the +Add Tokens option.

In the same way, you can also add custom tokens, or that you have created yourself. This is from the Custom Token tab, which you’ll find under the +Add Tokens option.

On the other hand, there are collectibles. These are unique, indivisible tokens that can be collected, as is the case with CryptoKitties Dapps, where you buy, sell and collect digital kitties. Each figure is a unique token. Within MetaMask, under the Collectibles tab, you have a section responsible for helping you manage your entire collection, in a gallery format and separated by application.

Explore DA apps in the MetaMask wallet from your phone

If you have used MetaMask in your web browser, you must have noticed that when you enter any DApp, your wallet is automatically recognized and you can start using it immediately. For this to happen within a mobile app, you need to use DApps within a browser that MetaMask integrates, and this works like any web browser you use on your mobile phone.

To access this browser, you need to look for the Browser option in the side menu.

Within the browser, you can only use DuckDuckGo as the default search engine. Source: MetaMask. In case you access a malicious website, MetaMask browser will immediately block access. Source: MetaMask.

When you enter the browser, you will be able to see how Dapps are categorized according to their function. But pay attention here, the apps you find in each of the categories, which could be said to be few compared to the amount currently out there, are not all the ones you can use in MetaMask. If you want to use other Dapps, you can use the explorer bar, which you see at the top. Here you can find any DA application available online.

To access the DA app from within the browser, you can either select it from the category section or through the browser, whichever way you choose is fine.

In this case, we accessed PoolTogether (you can learn more about these Dapps at this link). As you can see, within this Dapps, in the upper right part it gives us the Connect Wallet option, which will allow you to activate your MetaMask wallet to use the app. Likewise, you must consider which account you are accessing with before entering the DApp, as it cannot be changed directly within the portal.

Once you connect your MetaMask Ethereum wallet from your phone, you can use it safely.


MetaMask was a pioneer at the time as a “web wallet” for using DApps, however, it is a bit late to the mobile wallet market considering that there are already quite established options such as Trust Wallet or Coinbase Wallet. This, of course, does not negate the benefits of using MetaMask.

In tests, we were able to confirm that the application works very well, from creating a wallet to sending and receiving funds. However, when using DApps, it displayed a series of errors that did not allow the application to open. Remember that we are talking about a very new application, where bugs will be fixed over time.

In conclusion, MetaMask was the wallet par excellence in the world of Dapps, as a pioneer among wallets for web browsers. Now in its mobile version, the MetaMask Ethereum wallet allows you to enjoy its benefits from your Android and iOS phone.

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