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LaborX: a work platform for freelancers that allows you to get paid in cryptocurrencies

Key facts:
  • Currently on LaborX you can receive and make payments in ETH, USDT, USDC, AUDT and TIME.

  • The employee and employer reputation system promotes a high level of performance.

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In recent years, many people have found themselves at work freelance a viable and efficient option in your search for work independence, moving away from traditional employment and working hours systems, thanks to these online jobs.

In current times, due to COVID-19, the trend of online freelance work has grown even more. Many were forced to look for work from home due to mobility restrictions. Furthermore, it is highly likely that many people will continue to look for these types of jobs permanently, even after these measures are lifted.

Parallel to this trend, in Latin American countries whose economies are affected by elements such as inflation, lack of cash and distrust in traditional financial systems, cryptocurrencies have emerged as an ideal alternative that functions as a hedge against these circumstances.

Now, if these trends are taken into account and combined with Blockchain technology to create something new, the result could benefit thousands of people in the world by improving, facilitating and expanding the conditions and opportunities of any user. That’s exactly what it does LaborX.

What is LaborX?

LaborX It’s a working platform freelance which allows people anywhere in the world to access employment opportunities and receive payments in cryptocurrencies. It also offers opportunities to employers, as we can find specialized talent for any requirement.

This platform, which acts as an intermediary in the processes between employer and employee, is responsible for protecting the interests of both parties by guaranteeing compliance with terms, time and payment using smart contracts.

How does LaborX work?

Freelance online job platform LaborX It has a friendly interface where employers and freelancers can search for ideal candidates or a suitable job for their profile. Also decide on the terms under which you will work together, including deadlines and payment terms.

It was all resolved in ua smart contract which will once digitally sign require a security deposit in cryptocurrencies. This deposit will be blocked until completion and satisfactory completion of the works.

Escrow reduces any possibility of late payment or, in the event of a discrepancy, an independent mediator will resolve the dispute. The employer and the self-employed worker will present their arguments and evidence to the mediator in order to seek a quick and fair solution.

What types of jobs can I find on LaborX?

Within the platform, we can find and apply for a large number of jobs that are included in the following categories:

  • Web development, mobile applications and software
  • IT and networks
  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Engineering and architecture
  • Design and creative
  • Writing
  • Translation
  • Legal
  • Administrative support
  • Customer support
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Accounting and consulting

After registering on the platform, we can explore offers based on our tastes and skills, or, as employers, based on the desired profile.

How to search for a job in LaborX?

To start using LaborX All we have to do is complete the simple registration process, where after our personal data we can enter a short description of ourselves. Then we have to specify our skills and in the same part we can attach elements to our portfolio.

After that, we can search among employment options that match our skills and apply for them.

Once the task is done, the payment will be received in cryptocurrency and we will be able to rate our employer for future references and they will rate us.

Grading system

It is important for both freelancers and employers to know more about job candidates and promoters. For this, LaborX It has a decentralized system of qualifications that allows increasing opportunities and interest towards candidates and employers based on their reputation.

The system is fed by comments and ratings given after the contract is concluded. In this way, both independent workers and employers must register their opinion and assign a grade to their colleague at the end of the concluded contract.

Payments in cryptocurrencies

Usage cryptocurrencies y stablecoins As a payment method on the platform, it offers multiple advantages for both employers and self-employed workers.

Cryptocurrencies, on the one hand, facilitate the possibility of a quick and efficient payment process as compensation for completed tasks. On the other hand, they also allow that, regardless of where the worker is in the world, he can get paid immediately, without paying high commissions or depending on the bank.

Currently in LaborX Payments can be received and made at ETH, USDT, USDC, AUDT and TIME. The platform has a personal wallet where we can receive our payments and transfer our cryptocurrencies at any time. It also has direct access to the exchange platform TIMEX Exchange.


The LaborX platform charges a small part of the contract between the user and the employer. This commission works like this: users pay 5% and employers pay 1%, both percentages refer to the total value of the contract.

Recommendation system

LaborX It has an affiliate system that allows us to invite our friends to use the platform and thus receive 50% of the paid commission. This means that for each recommended Freelancer, we receive half (2.5%) of the commission paid to the platform according to the established contract.

You can also share the jobs you apply for on the platform on social networks and receive the same commission that the employer pays to the platform, which would be 0.5% of the total amount.

Advantages of LaborX

Although there are other platforms on the market for working on the Internet, LaborX introduces the use of Blockchain technology into the equation through the application of smart contracts and the use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. This allows freelancers to receive their payments instantly anywhere in the world.

The instant nature of cryptocurrency payments and the absence of a banking intermediary to receive them gives LaborX a significant advantage over platforms that use fiat money as a means of payment.

Disadvantages of LaborX

Something that could be taken as a disadvantage for LaborX at the moment is that its platform is in the process of growing, so the number of job offers is not that great at the moment.


Online Freelance Platform LaborX gives every user access to the global market of supply and demand for freelance jobs. In addition, LaborX helps promote the use and adoption of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment and reduce barriers and billing restrictions for potential users anywhere in the world.

As more employers and freelancers know the advantages of this platform and contribute to its development by publishing their job offers and services on them, the greater the platform’s contribution to the online labor market.

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