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Learn how to link a domain name to your Ethereum wallet with ENS

In the previous article, we explored what the Ethereum Name System (ENS) is and how it works and its internal architecture. Now we will learn how to create a domain name using a wallet Metamask. So if you don’t have it installed It’s already a tutorial. Likewise, if you want to work step by step from your mobile phone, you can use applications compatible with them Dapps as Trust Wallet Fr Coinbase wallet.

Giving your wallet address a domain name, as if it were a website, is now easier thanks to ENS recently switching from an auction system to a direct purchase system.

Now, to begin with, we will perform the purchase and registration process using the Metamask wallet. Although It is worth noting that the catalog of wallets currently supported by this system is quite extensive. and you can consult it directly from Main portal of ENS.

Before we begin, it’s worth noting that ENS is available both on the mainnet and for various Ethereum testnetslike Ropsten and Rinkeby, which allows you to use the service and do tests, without spending real money.

Connect to ENS Dapp

The first step is to enable the connection between the ENS Dapp and our Metamask wallet. To do this, just go to director of the portalafter you have already installed the wallet in our browser, whatever it is, and the following window will appear.

Here you simply have to check the box To connect and, voila, we are successfully connected.

Choose a name

The ENS web portal is entirely in English. But don’t worry, the creation process is quite intuitive, and we’ll go step by step.

To find out the availability of a domain name, you need to put it in the box Search names or address (search for a name or address) and press Search. Likewise, you can search for it regardless of whether it has the extension “.eth” or not.

Choose a domain name It is only conditioned by the fact that it must be composed of least 3 characters. Although, based on this, we can find quite a significant cost variation:

  • For 3-character domains, prices usually exceed 4 ETH for each year.
  • For 4-character domains, prices start at just over 1 ETH per year.
  • From 5 characters onwards, prices are usually around 0.03 ETH or $5 per year, which is the regular price.

To continue, we made several inquiries about the availability of two different domains: crypto and cryptopo. If you do not put a name next to the “.eth” extension, the system will automatically set it.

In the previous image, we see a gray bar, which represents that the specified domain is occupied. Otherwise, green tape means it was found available and we can buy it. Where, you just need to click on it and the following information will appear.

Set the rental time

The next step is to set the domain rental time.

The rental period is expressed directly in years, with one year being the minimum required to complete the rental process.

Using the “+” and “-” buttons you can set the number of years you want, and this in turn will show you the total amount to be paid according to the time you have chosen.

Complete registration

At this moment, you are only 3 steps away from buying your first ENS domain.

To begin these final steps, you will need to click on Request That Register (registration request). Where a Metamask notification window will open asking us to confirm the opening of the payment process transaction.

Note that in This first transaction to be paid will be for mining commission concepts only.since the actual payment is made in the third step.

Now we will have to wait for the transaction to be confirmed and wait a few minutes until we see the next message.

The next step is to press on Register (register), again, and we’ll see the Metamask window open, where we’ll now be able to see the total price we need to pay for the domain we’re renting. We push Confirm We just have to wait for the final confirmation and that’s it, we’ve already bought the domain.

To finish, we just have to press a button Manage Name (administrator name) which will open the name manager, a button that will be found where the option was before Register.

To enter the name manager again, you just need to enter the correct name in the search engine that we saw at the beginning, and if the domain is our property, it will show you a message.corresponding number.

Assign a domain to an Ethereum address

At this point we can say that we already have a domain name, but it is not yet assigned to our wallet address. That is, anyone who tries to send funds to this domain will not find any assigned address in the system, so an empty or unassigned domain error will occur.

To correct this, we only need to follow 3 simple steps, which are shown at the top of the name manager.

Step 1: Assign a solver

In the previous article, we explained the function of the solver, which is the one that carries most of the work in the ENS system. Now, to assign it, we have to press Set (set) to the Resolve option.

Here all we need to do is enter the public address of the smart contract that hosts the solver. If you don’t have yours, no problem, we can click Use it Public Resolver (use the public resolver) which will give us the address, so all you have to do is click on Save. We confirm the transaction from Metamask and that’s it.

Step 2: Register the address

After the solver is registered, we will see that the new options are enabled

Now, to register the address, we have to click on the plus symbol “+”.

In this step, the first thing will be to select the option in the first box Address, and later we will paste the address of our Metamask wallet that we log in with. We push Savewe confirm and move on to the next step.

Step 3: Set up Reverse Log

Reverse registration is part of the resolver protocol that allows Dapps to display the domain name instead of our public wallet address. You can view the list of Dapps compatible with ENS from the main website

To set up reverse registration, we just have to go to the address we just registered in the previous step.

Here, as you can see, the Reverse record: Not Set option is enabled. To continue to activate it, we just have to click on this option and the following will open.

We will now be shown a summary of what “reverse record” is and what it does. To continue, we must not change anything and simply press SAve We confirm from Metamask and that’s it.

With the transaction confirmed, we are done, we have our domain ready.

Use a name to register

To confirm that we have correctly assigned the domain name, we can go to our Metamask wallet and select the option to send i on the box where if set Ethereum address, we will go in our domain name. Don’t forget to add the “.eth” extension.

As we can see, when entering a domain name, the associated address automatically appears. This facilitates the way we traditionally send funds through the ETH network.

Transfer control of the domain

Another interesting thing you can do with your domain on ENS is to transfer it. That is, you can buy a domain and give it to a friend. But be careful here, if you want to transfer a domain, it must not have an address assigned, so that the recipient can link their own.

However. If you noticed at the beginning, there are two different controls over the domain, as there is a Registrant (who registers the domain) who would be the original owner, and a Controller, which is an address that can change values ​​with respect to the resolver.

  • Registrant: you can change who the Controller belongs to and renew the domain lease period.
  • Controller: can modify the data in relation to the resolver, i.e. can change the resolver, as well as modify the address associated with the domain name. You can also extend the rental agreement in the same way.

About this one It must be taken into account that the address to be connected is related solely and exclusively to the address of the controller, regardless of whether we registered a different address within the resolver as we did in step 2.

Finally, to make a transfer, you just need to look for the Transfer option, either on the Registrant or the Controller, and enter the Ethereum address or the corresponding domain name.

We click on Set, confirm from Metamask and that’s it.

In this tutorial we learned how to register domain names in Ethereum through the ENS system.

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