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Learn how to register and use the Quantfury app

Key facts:
  • Part 2 of the Quantfury app manual for trading in 5 different markets

  • Learn more about the modules that make up the Quantfury trading platform.

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This is the second part of a total of 3 articles about Quantfury. On this occasion, we will make a general overview of the application, where we will learn how to register and how the different parts of the application are distributed.

Read the first part of this tutorial here, Quantfury: an application that allows you to trade on 5 different marketsor the third and final part here, Learn how to trade with Quantfury.

Something that makes Quantfury very striking is its simplicity, because from the first time we used it, we can notice that it is a new era store, because Compact useful tools in one application that every marketer needs.

Now, in the previous article we took on the task of exploring the benefits, features and requirements that make up this platform. We will now learn how to register and then take a quick tour of the different sections that Quantfury has to offer.


Installing Quantfury

Quantfury is an exclusive application for Android and iOS operating systems, so we can find it in the respective app stores. However, as a safety measure, it is always advisable to visit the official website of the platform to get the official download links, whether Play Store about the Apple Store.

The Quantfury app is not available to users who are US and Canadian citizens/residents due to local legislation.

Once installed, when you launch the app it will take us on a short tour of the different functionalities we will have.

To move to the next step, we need to click on Start.

QuantFury Registration

Creating an account in Quantfury is super easy, thanks to the fact that we only need to have an active phone number – to which we will receive SMS confirmations – or through our Google or Facebook account.

In this case, we create an account from the phone number. For that we will have to enter, as seen in the previous image, the telephone number with the code of the country of residence.

The next step is to enter the 4-digit code that we will receive via SMS.

If you do not receive a confirmation message After some time, we will have an option at the bottom to resend the code.

What now proceeds is to enter our email along with the password, in a later step. Remember to use strong passwords made up of uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.

Then we will have to register our name and surname; Then, at the bottom of this same screen, a notification tells us that by clicking Continue, we agree to be of legal age and agree to Terms and conditions by Quantfury. It is important that we take the time to read them before continuing and if you agree, click continue.

Exploring Quantfury

Once the registration is complete, our account will be ready, so now we will explore the Quantfury app.

In the application we will find 3 different sections:

  • It’s the first part Add funds (Add funds), which when you click on this option will take us to the deposit section.
  • Second, there it is Watchlist (Watch List), a list that we can customize with the assets we want to monitor.
  • Finally, there’s the part Trader Shortcuts (Trader Shortcuts), whose tab we will have to slide up to find information about:
    • Trade The Momentum: List of assets with the biggest gains and losses in the last 24 hours.
    • Trade News: The latest news collected about the markets managed by Quantfury.
    • Most traded: List of assets with the highest volume of exchange in the last 24 hours.

To display the options menu, we have to click on the icon in the upper left corner.

This is organized as follows:

  • Account balance (Account Balance): It is the net cryptocurrency balance in the Quantfury account.
  • Trading Power (Operating Power): where we will see both the level of operating power we have and the remaining balance if we have allocated funds to the position.
  • Start trading (Start Trade): As in the main screen, this option takes us to the deposit section.
  • Account: Here we will see details about our account such as portfolio balance in general: deposits, withdrawals, current balance. Total profits and losses from all trades you have made. Realized dividends. Detailed monitoring of cash operational capabilities and withdrawal and deposit options and transaction history.
  • Trading History (Trade History): Displays the trading history.
  • Help Center (Help Center): Allows us to access technical support contact (24/7), as well as to consult the Terms and Conditions together with the Privacy Policy.
  • Settings (Settings): Account configuration from where we can modify personal registration information and the various notifications that Quantfury offers.

Trading Markets

There are no market categories within Quantfury. Although there are 5 markets available for trading, they are grouped together and treated as a set.

On that note, since we’re talking about unified markets, we’ll have a general search engine located under the magnifying glass in the top corner. To search, we just need to enter the label of some asset, for example BTC, and it will show us a list with all the pairs that trade with BTC.

Symbol “+” Fr “-” that we see next to each instrument allows us to add or remove said asset from the watchlist.

Now, to open the instrument, we need to select it. We can do this directly from the search or in the watch list.

When choosing a medium, there is something that especially catches your attention, as you can see in the picture above, and that is the color. This is because Quantfury uses a color theme to identify market status. For example:

  • The turquoise green color indicates that the market is above the opening price of the day. In the case of Cryptocurrencies and Forex, the market opens at 12:00 UTC, for other markets it varies depending on the exchange. For example: The NYSE stock market opens at 9:30 a.m. EST.
  • The orange color indicates that the price has fallen from the initial price.
  • On the other hand, dull gray means that the market is currently closed.

Now, given the information we find inside the instrument, we have:

  • Price in real time, without manipulation.
  • Price fluctuation chart along with different trading tools.
  • Floating buy and sell buttons, which allow you to open a manual order.
  • Bear and Bull icons (to the left and right of the last price) that allow you to open a Limit Order.
  • A book of commands executed by Quantfury.
  • Monitoring the remaining workforce.
  • Market opening hours.
  • Latest instrument news.

New age trading

It seemed strange to imagine mobile commerce as a reality, but Quantfury achieved its goal in a very ingenious way. We are talking about an application that, although it is not made for technical analysis, given the scarcity of tools, it makes your life easier by allowing you to be in 5 different markets with capital funded in cryptocurrencies and constant leverage in USD.

Read the first part of this tutorial here, Quantfury: an application that allows you to trade on 5 different marketsor the third and final part here, Learn how to trade with Quantfury.

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