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Learn how to use AirTM to buy and send bitcoins and dollars

Key facts:
  • At AirTM, you can buy and send bitcoins and cryptocurrencies directly to your digital wallet.

  • Exchange on AirTM is purely between people, and the platform is only a guarantor entity.

AirTM is a platform that allows you to buy and sell bitcoins, cryptocurrencies or dollars through various payment methods. The entire procedure takes place through a network of people who act as verified operators or “AirTM ATMs”, leaving the AirTM company solely as an intermediary between the parties. In this tutorial, we will teach you how AirTM works and how to use it in the best way.

This platform is available in a large number of Spanish-speaking countries. This is partly due to the fact that it is a peer-to-peer (P2P) network, where users can operate wherever they are. however, It should be noted that in some countries there is a possibility that access may be restricted. In any case, this does not mean that there is no possibility to exchange bitcoins, cryptocurrencies and dollars by accessing AirTM through, for example, a VPN.

Likewise, AirTM is an option that allows you to protect your savings against inflation or devaluation of your local currency, since you can quickly and easily buy bitcoins, cryptocurrencies and dollars without any exchange controls.

How AirTM works

This is the main section when you first enter AirTM. Source: AirTM.

At the beginning, we pointed out that AirTM is a P2P platform, where exchanges between people take place (peer-to-peer or person-to-person). where the platform acts solely as an intermediary. This means that within said network, it’s like exchanging cryptocurrencies or dollars with a specific friend, except AirTM will ensure that the exchange happens.

By definition, AirTM is a kind of online dollar wallet, as you store AirUSD, an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that is at par (1:1) with the US dollar, in your account.

Therefore, the form of exchange is quite specific. Let’s say you need to send money to your Zelle, buying dollars in Bolivares through AirTM, the process would be as follows.

  • Pay your account through a “deposit” bank transfer in Bolivares, where the teller would sell you your AirUSD balance. Keeping in mind that operations within AirTM are performed between people and not on the same platform.
  • After the transaction is confirmed, you will have funds in AirUSD in your account, there you will continue to withdraw, using Zelle as a payment method.
  • After the withdrawal, a cashier who has liquidity in Zelle will accept the transaction and buy your AirUSD balance and proceed to send the equivalent amount in USD to Zelle, according to the exchange rate.
  • So you will make a transaction in bolivar for Zelle via AirTM.

There is also a possibility keep your balance in AirUSD as this currency does not lose parity with the US dollar. Likewise, you can send AirUSD between AirTM accounts completely free of charge without any commission.

Verified AirTM ATMs

AirTM verified ATMs are an important part of the functioning of the P2P network. Essentially, they are users who have approved a a set of established requirements to qualify as treasurer. They have monetary liquidity in various payment methods, be it cryptocurrencies, national banks, payment processors or AirUSD, that individual users (like you) can exchange with.

Here’s how ATMs work, according to AirTM:

  1. The user opens an operation to exchange, buy or sell AirUSD.
  2. All cashiers receive notification of the operation, and the cashier who has the required liquidity according to the selected payment method will accept the operation.
  3. The system will continue to exchange data, be it account number, cryptocurrency address or any other, to complete the operation. While a user making an AirUSD transaction will be locked out of their account until the transaction is completed, this is a security measure to prevent them from “running away” with AirUSD.
  4. When everything is ready, the transaction is released and the cashier completes the transaction.

How to register on AirTM

You can create an AirTM account in a few minutes, the only thing you need is a valid email and that’s it, you don’t need anything else. However, obviously in order to have all the benefits that AirTM brings you, you will need to pass verification of your account. For this you will need:

  • Identity card/DNI, passport or driver’s license. However, the system strongly asks you to go through the verification process using your ID.
  • Have a device with a camera to perform the face verification process. You can do this verification from the AirTM app on your mobile device.

That way you can start creating your account and go through the verification process.

Let’s get started.

The first step is to go to the main AirTM portal and locate the Join option in the top menu at the top. Remember that You can change the language of the portal in the EN (English) or ES (Spanish) option in the menu.

You can create your AirTM account using your Google or Facebook session. Source: AirTM.

In this form you will need to enter personal information such as: which country you live in, e-mail, password for your new AirTM account and your first and last name. You must keep in mind that these details must match those in the legal documents that you will need to upload at the time of verification. So, when everything is ready, click on Create Account to conclude.

This will be the window you will see when you have successfully created your AirTM account. Source: AirTM.

At this point you have already created an account, the next and necessary step is to confirm your email. To do this, you must click the Confirm Your Email button, shown in the previous image, to send you a confirmation email.

After that, you have to complete your profile by providing personal information such as: address, phone number and date of birth. With this you will have your account ready to start the verification process.

How to verify your AirTM account?

Account verification is a necessary step for normal functioning within AirTM. To do this, we previously told you about the requirements you need to complete the operation, so let’s go to the next step, which is the beginning of the identity verification process. You will do this by locating the Settings button in the side menu and then the Verification tab, where you must select the Verify Now option.

The first step is to confirm the phone number that you will provide when filling out your profile. You can confirm this phone number via SMS or WhatsApp.

When uploading an ID document, make sure that the edges and corners are clearly visible in the image. Source: AirTM

The second step is the authentication of personal documents. Here you will need to either upload or immediately take a clear photo of your document from the front and back. Where the identification number and names are clearly visible.

AirTM will only use your camera for the face verification process. Source: AirTM.

The next step is the face verification process, here you will need to activate your device’s camera. If you’re from a mobile device, it’ll ask you for the necessary permissions, but if it’s from a browser, it’ll tell you that AirTM wants to use your camera. A photo of your face will be taken during this process, so try to be in good lighting.

When all that is ready, all that remains is to select Send and wait for the specified verification to be confirmed; You will receive an email indicating whether you have been approved. Otherwise, you will have to repeat the steps.

In case the verification fails, you must open the ticket within the section from AirTM help indicating that the verification has not been performed.

How to deposit balance in AirTM?

The concept of depositing a balance within AirTM specifically refers to the fact of purchasing with your currency (be it cryptocurrency, dollars, bolivars or any other) the balance in AirUSD, which is the currency of the platform.

So, the first step for making a payment (funding), or rather buying AirUSD within AirTM, is to locate the Fund/Withdraw option from the side menu.

There is a financing or deposit option on the platform, which consists of a 4-step process. Source: AirTM

As you can see, a deposit or financing consists of 4 parts. Which are:

  1. Submit information: here you have to choose the payment method you want to pay the deposit. You can choose to send via bank transfers, payment processors, cryptocurrencies, among others. In the case of cryptocurrencies, you can either send from a platform like Localbitcoins or Uphold or from one external wallet to another.
    • Within each payment method, you can see the commission charged for the deposit, which is calculated directly from the amount of AirUSD you purchase. For example: Paypal will charge you $1.17 for every $100.
  2. Send request: In this step, you must specify the amount for the purchase. Once you have confirmed that all the information in the request is correct, you must click Request so that all available ATMs are notified that you wish to make a replacement. As soon as one of them accepts it, you will move on to the next step.
  3. Confirm the transfer: This is where the data needed to complete the operation will be shared, such as ATM number, cryptocurrency address, among others. After you complete the transaction, you must confirm the cashier to release the funds.
  4. To finish: At this point, the cashier has already released the funds and you can now see your balance in your AirTM wallet.

Please note that transactions may take a certain waiting time, as we are talking about a P2P network and ATMs must have the necessary liquidity to be able to accept your request. Likewise, the transaction may not be confirmed for various reasons, if so, you will have to restart the process.

How to buy Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies or Dollars with AirTM?

A purchase, within AirTM, is synonymous with a withdrawal, since you are basically exchanging your AirUSD balance for the payment method you prefer.

The process of buying Bitcoins, cryptocurrencies or dollars, or withdrawing from the AirTM platform, follows the same steps you did when funding your account. This is with the exception that you will need to add the payment methods you wish to withdraw funds to before opening a claim. Whether it’s an external cryptocurrency address or bank details.

You can search for or select a payment method in the section below. Source: AirTM

To add payment methods, you will need to locate the Settings option in the side menu. After that, you have to select the Payment method tab, where you will see the Add payment method option. When you open it, you will be shown a card with categories of different payment methods.

The information you have to provide in each of them varies depending on its type, for example: in the case of cryptocurrencies, all you need to do is add an address and give that wallet a name. However, for bank details, it varies depending on the bank and country you are using.

Finally, when you are satisfied with the data you have added, you must select Add to complete the process. With your payment method already configured, you can now proceed to withdraw or buy bitcoins, cryptocurrencies or dollars on AirTM.

The payment methods used must be personal. AirTM does not accept registration of third party accounts (not in your name).

Can I withdraw money to Zelle from AirTM?

As we mentioned before, AirTM uses Zelle as a payment method. So to make an exchange from a national currency (such as pesos or bolivars) or with Bitcoin to Zelle, you will need to deposit money into your account by purchasing AirUSD, using the payment method of your choice. After that, you will need to make a withdrawal to Zelle with your AirUSD balance. This way you can exchange money in AirTM for Zelle.

Send AirUSD between AirTM accounts

Within AirTM you also have the ability to send balances between accounts, i.e. send AirUSD via username or email address.

This process is quite simple, starting with selecting Submit/Request from the side menu.

Shipments between AirTM accounts do not incur any type of commission. Source: AirUSD.

The operation is basic. If you want to send, you just need to enter the amount in AirUSD to send along with your email address or username. In case you want to receive or request a payment for a certain amount, the data remains the same. Of course, in this case the user to whom the request is sent must confirm it in order to complete the transfer.

How much does AirTM charge per transaction and other fees?

Transaction fees on AirTM tend to vary between different payment methods. Source: AirTM

Transaction fees on AirTM They are not clear in their FAQ. However, there are differences in the exchange that many users refer to as “commission”. This is the difference between the total amount to be sent and the total amount to be received between the two different payment methods. When choosing a payment method, you can see the value of the specified commission, which will be the difference. For example, if you send 100 AirUSD, you will receive 95 USD in Paypal per exchange rate, and the remaining 5 USD is the difference.

Note that within this difference is the cashier’s profit along with the commission of the AirTM portal for the completed transaction.

So you can see the “fees” of each payment method when you create a withdrawal or funding request.

Earn money with AirTM

Within AirTM there is an opportunity to earn income by acting as verified treasurer. This allows you to generate profit from the difference obtained from the buy and sell rates within the platform for each available payment method.

Likewise, many users generate income using AirTM as a remittance platform, serving as a liquidity provider to the platform.

Final comments about AirTM

AirTM is a good way to start trying out, so to speak, access to currencies and cryptocurrencies without going through exchange control. Something that, as we said in some countries, becomes complicated and does use of VPN is essential.

AirTM can be your dollar bill, as they define themselves, and it can be said that they fulfill their purpose well. It’s a simple and fast way to access the foreign exchange and cryptocurrency market without having to have accounts abroad, because you can buy AirUSD, which is on par with the US dollar.

On the negative side, we were able to find that AirTM offers somewhat unfavorable exchange rates and a fairly wide price range between buy and sell. It is partially justified, of course, considering that it is an exchange through a P2P network, where the differences in the exchange are the stimulation of the ATM network to work.

In conclusion, AirTM is one of the first options for many users to get in touch with bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. However, as a word of advice, before you buy bitcoins or dollars on AirTM, we recommend that you do your research and know what you are buying. To do this, CriptoNoticias has for you an encyclopedia of everything you need to know about Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, with information ranging from where you can buy or sell them (in addition to AirTM) to where to store them and how keep them safe.

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