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Learn how to use the Gigs feature of the free blockchain platform LaborX

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Since its inception, a freelance work platform LaborX Its main goal was to facilitate access to employment opportunities for everyone, anywhere in the world. Also, simplify processes related to contracting, verification and payments thanks to the use of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

LaborX offers freelancers, companies and other types of employers a showcase where they can advertise their jobs and skills, find candidates, organize joint work, define and formalize contract terms through smart contracts.

After the launch, the team LaborX noticed a high demand for minimalist, ready-made services from freelancers and businesses. Platforms like Fiverr popularized this type of service where freelancers could post defined jobs, with a fixed price, facilitating the selection process for the client and simplifying the negotiation process.

Introducing GIGS

Considering the demand for this type of service from its users, LaborX decided to develop a new feature called “Gigs” for your platform. It allows freelancers to create ads for specific tasks according to their skills and set their price so that clients or companies can view the ads and contact them.

This new optionis available from September 7 on the LaborX platform and offers freelancers a highly efficient way to provide services, in addition to saving time and effort in negotiating details.

“We’re confident this will be a very welcome addition and look forward to seeing our users create ads and get new business.” LaborX team.

How to create an ad in Gigs

For create an ad on GigsYou must Log in in LaborX. If you don’t have an account, you need to complete a simple registration that only requires your email address and then configure your profile.

After signing in, go to the section called “My gigs” and continue clicking.

Under “My gigs” we click on “Create a concert” and we will continue to fill in the fields that include the following points:

  • Short description of the ad
  • Image to identify the ad
  • Full description of the ad
  • Category
  • Time needed
  • Hourly rate
  • Example images

When these fields are filled in, press the “SAVE” button to finish and our ad will be ready.

You can share this advertisement, like all others present on the platform, on our social networks.

How to choose an ad on Gigs

Both in LaborX, As in your Gigs section, we may select services or advertisements from other freelancers. For this we need to change from Freelancer to Client in our profile, by pressing the switch located in the upper right corner.

Then we go to the section “Browse Gigs” and click. There we will have access to the list of ads, where we can search among all available ads or filter by a specific ad or skill in the top bar.

Then we select the ad we are interested in by clicking on its image.

Here we can send a message to the Freelancer who owns the ad or we can apply immediately by pressing the “Apply” button. Then we move on to signing the contract and that’s it.

Categories offered by Gigs

The section of Gigs of LaborX Like the platform, it groups posted ads by category, allowing potential employers to more directly locate the Freelancer of their choice, as well as more easily explore related options.

The categories into which ads published in Gigs are grouped are as follows:

  • Web, mobile and software development
  • Computing and Networks
  • Analytics and data science
  • Engineering and architecture
  • Design and creativity
  • Writing

Lightweight smart contracts

Considering that the jobs posted in Gigs ads do not require so much detail to organize and prepare them, LaborX decided to implement a new type of smart contract that is easier and focused on this type of express proposal.

This new contract requires only the client’s signature for its execution.

Rate Adjustment

Freelance work platform LaborX recently made a fee adjustment on its platform, defining commissions as follows: 1% to the client or company at the time of signing the contract and 5% to the Freelancer at the time of release of funds.

Carriers premium accounts These fees are waived, allowing freelancers to earn more and clients or companies to save money, in addition to other benefits such as priority advertising on the platform, a higher referral bonus percentage, and more.


New feature “Gigs” of LaborX It provides its users with access to greater possibilities of direct contracting, in a simple and efficient way. You only require that potential clients or companies contact you about posting your ads.

This functionality complements the traditional mode of operation of the LaborX platform, reducing the negotiation process and facilitating the selection of freelancers, as opposed to negotiating the terms and prices of a traditional scheme.

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