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Lightning Breez Wallet changes the way you make micropayments with Bitcoin

Key facts:
  • Breez automatically creates a payment channel when your new wallet is generated.

  • Paid channels on Breez can reach just over 900,000 satoshis in capacity.

The Lightning Network technology is designed to make peer-to-peer payments – outside of the Bitcoin blockchain – with instant confirmations. In its early days, however, it was not user-friendly and complicated for most users. In his first steps, Trying to use a Lightning wallet meant having a full Bitcoin node running on the network, and we are talking about more than 200 GB of storage space (the approximate weight of the Bitcoin blockchain) plus all the necessary hardware structure. But now, thanks to the Lightning Breez wallet, we can enjoy the full experience (along with additional wallet-specific features) of the micropayment network.

Breeze is a Lightning Network Bitcoin wallet that allows you to interact with this network in a friendly way, facilitating – and slightly changing – the way we receive and send micropayments. It also has an interesting feature that sets it apart from the rest: You can load and withdraw directly in BTC, without the need for intermediaries or external exchanges.

A guardless solution

The first light wallets on the Lightning network used a private node that, in addition to managing the created payment channels, managed the bitcoins of each user who accessed this wallet. This, of course, depended on the confidence we could have in both the key fob and the knot used.

Things are changing a bit in Breez. Firstthe escrow format is not used, because the node using the wallet functions as a router for transactions on the Lightning Network. Also, this node facilitates the way we perform operations between Breez wallets, which we will explore later.

Instant payment channels

When you use a Lightning wallet, you need to generate a payment channel that allows you to interact with the network. But, in wallets like Lightning Wallet or Eclair Wallet, it’s a completely manual process. Depending on the case, you will have to block part of your balance in bitcoins and thus set the channel capacity. On the other hand, in Breez, the experience is completely different, because when installing and opening the wallet for the first time, The generation of a new payment channel starts automatically with a size exceeding 900,000 satoshis, without any escrow.

Preliminary considerations

This portfolio is currently under development. So consider managing small amounts, which allow you to enjoy the Lightning Wallet experience, but without compromising your portfolio. It is not yet guaranteed that the wallet backup we make will work 100% of the time.

Features of the Lightning Breez wallet

  • No third-party custodial deposits.
  • Direct deposits and withdrawals in BTC to Lightning wallet.
  • Interface with customizable avatars.
  • Cloud backup.
  • Available for Android and iOS.
  • Creating an automatic payment channel.
  • Channel capacity above 900,000 satoshis.


Lightning Breez Wallet Download and Setup

Breez wallet is available for Android and iOS. However, please note that it is still under development. Therefore, regardless of the chosen operating system, it will be necessary to become verifiers or testers, a project – independent of each operating system – which allows testing applications that have not yet been released and facilitates the generation of feedback between users and developers.

Having cleared this up, the first thing we will do is go to the official portfolio portal Lightning Breeze.

Whenever you need to download a wallet, whether for mobile or PC, consider using the authorized links that you will find on the wallet’s official portal. In this way, you will avoid running into applications that threaten your assets.

If you select the Android button in your case, you will see the following window:

Here you will just have to click on Become a Verifier. This will redirect you to the Google Play Store where you can download Lightning Breez Wallet.

In the case of iOS, you will see the following.

In this case, you will need to download TestFlight from the AppStore and then download Breez, because, Through this application, we can test iOS applications that have not yet been released.

Now, with the wallet installed, we will continue to execute it.

After a short welcome animation we will find this pair of options, we can start creating our Lightning Breez portfolio by clicking on the Let’s Breez! option.

As we already mentioned, Breez is a portfolio in beta stage, as stated at the beginning. By accepting this warning, we declare that we will use the application at our own risk, because there is a possibility of losing our funds.

To continue, we will mark the box I do not understand (I understand) and click on Continue.

Breeze Sync

As soon as we select Start, the wallet will start synchronizing with the Breez node. But it is necessary to take into account that this process includes two parts. The first is direct synchronization with the Breez node to generate the wallet. The second phase involves generating our payment channel that will allow us to interact with the Bitcoin Lightning network.

If you want to learn more about Lightning Network technology, you can visit the following link.

Note that the process of synchronizing the wallet and opening the payment channel may take some time, it will depend on both your internet speed and the saturation of the Bitcoin network.

While the payment channel creation process is in progress, you will see the following message on the home screen.

Backup your Lightning Breez wallet.

Before any action within Breez, And as a general recommendation for any wallet you’re going to use, back it up first.. This as a guarantee of your funds, considering that it is the only way to access your bitcoins, In the event of any loss, damage, change or any other situation occurring on your device that requires the return of your wallet, it will be through the backup you have made.

In Breez, the backup is done directly in the cloud through our Google account. In the case of iOS, this action is not yet available in iCloud.

Either through a pop-up notification inside the app, or through the warning symbol we’ll see on the home screen, Lightning Breez Wallet will ask you to make a backup.

From this notification, we will start this process by clicking the Backup now option.

You will now need to select the Google account you want to back up to. After that, it will be necessary to give the relevant permissions so that Breez can be synchronized with the cloud, and thus we will have a backup ready.

Tip: Since your backup will depend entirely on the security of the Google account being used, try to keep all security measures that Google offers active.

Deposit bitcoins to the chain via Breez

While we wait for the payment channel to be generated, the Lightning Breez wallet allows us to add funds to our new wallet via an on-chain transaction or, in other words, via the Bitcoin blockchain. Since, unlike this, Transactions on the Lightning network take place off-chain, in a peer-to-peer exchange and the deposit you make next goes from the public address to your payment channel on the Lightning network.

Remember: Breez is a wallet specifically aimed at the Lightning network, so it is recommended not to use it as a traditional Bitcoin wallet.

Now, to get started, we’ll need to select the Add Funds button.

This will be the public address to which we will need to send BTC. You have to consider that the size of the channel is finitewith a maximum capacity of just over 900,000 satoshis or as many of the same 0.009 BTC you can keep stored in Breez.

When you deposit your BTC to Breez, you will do so directly to your Lightning walletOf course, the current technology of this network does not allow this, so Breez performs an internal conversion process to transfer the funds deposited at the public address to our payment channel. Because of this, waiting times are longer, as you have to wait, with blockchain confirmations, for funds to be exchanged from one place to another.

Receive payments over the Lightning Network with Breez

Paying through the Lightning Network is slightly different from traditional payments on the blockchain. First of all, we will have an invoice, which in turn acts as a public address, but where the specific amount to be received must be defined and can only be used once.

So, to begin, we need to select the Invoice button that we see on the home screen where we will select the Create option.

To create an invoice we will need:

  • Description (Description): Details of the invoice to create. This information is essential.
  • Sub Amount (Amount of Satoshis): The total amount in Satoshis we wish to receive. At the bottom we are shown the total available for reception, taking into account the current capacity of the channel. The minimum amount can be 0 hours.

To finish creating the payment invoice, we will click on Create to generate the payment invoice that we need to share.

Send payments over the Lightning Network with Breez

Paying on Breez is pretty easy, and thanks to the improved Lightning experience, we have two different ways to pay.

If we want to pay through the generated payment invoice, we must select the Pay option from the Invoice button.

At opening we will have an option scan or paste the destination invoice. Once this is done, the following box will appear.

Here the only thing we will need is to approve the transaction and thus make the payment.

Connect to pay

On the other hand, the Connect to pay option allows you to speed up the process of creating a payment account. Since they don’t need to be created, at least not directly.

To get started, you need to locate the Connect to Payment button, either on the main screen or from the options menu.

The next step is to share the link of the link by selecting the symbol to share.

Once that’s done, we’ll have to wait for the person we’re sharing the connection with to access it from their device where they’ve installed their Breez wallet. After the connection is established, the following screen appears.

As you can see, now without the need for a Lightning Network invoice, we can send the desired amount to the receiving user. We only need to enter the total number of satoshis we need to send along with a description for the payment to be successful.

Withdraw BTC on-chain from Lightning Breez wallet

We made that clear earlier On-chain transactions are those that are conducted using the blockchain and which therefore include a significant mining fee compared to those we managed under Breez. In other words, the withdrawal will be made from the Lightning wallet to the Bitcoin wallet. And as payments are made, and we are talking specifically about the Lightning Breez wallet, they are not made directly (for now) there is an intermediate conversion process, where the funds must be withdrawn from the payment channel and transferred to the public address that we provide. This implies a longer waiting time while the exchange is made.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 50,000 satoshis.

With this clarification, we will start the withdrawal process by going to the options menu and selecting Remove Funds.

Now we just need to specify both the address and the amount to send, in order to later select Remove and thus make a successful withdrawal.

The Lightning Breez Wallet Experience

Positive points

Breez is a wallet that could ultimately mark a turning point in the way we use the micropayment network. Either because of the interface and easy configuration, or the fact that it improves the experience of using Lightning, We are talking about a portfolio that aims for an important reception by the user.

The first thing that stands out about Breez is its interface. Clean and minimalist, adapted to current design trends, which, in short, Regardless of your level of Bitcoin user, this wallet will get your attention.

Another important section is Connect to Pay. This greatly facilitates the way we deliver, as there is no waiting time when making or receiving a payment, which presents itself as a good idea in businesses that use BTC as a means of payment, where you can connect and pay.

Bad points

Among the critical points, which can be attributed to the youth of the portfolio itself, we found synchronization failures, long waits for the channel to open, and minimal failures or obstacles when using it.


As a final note, Breez is a surprising wallet, let’s hope that the development team is committed to providing a complete version of this wallet and thus enjoy a completely different Lightning Network experience.

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