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Meet TradingView, an analysis tool for traders of Bitcoin and other markets

Key facts:
  • TradingView is a social trading network that lets you learn directly from the experts.

  • Advanced charts are one of the features that TradingView is often recognized for.

TradingView is basically a social trading network that, according to its 4 principles of creating, sharing, learning and collaborating, offers a platform for technical analysis on 7 different markets including cryptocurrencies; ranging from educating new traders to using advanced trading tools.

thanks to that, TradingView took social trading to another level by allowing different users to comment and post their technical analysis—and other topics— thereby improving the training of market operators through feedback.

The main feature that makes TradingView stand out is its advanced analysis charts. And it’s no wonder, because the versatility, available indicators and the ability to develop your own analysis scripts make this application a very powerful tool for any trader.

Another important aspect is that TradingView works under Freemium formatthat is, although many of its features can be accessed with a free accountthere is the ability to access multiple options with paid plans ranging from $15 to $60 per monthwith the possibility of annual payment with an additional discount.

To know the plans you can visit the following relationship. Within TradingView, you’ll find trading tools such as:

  • Advanced graphics: Based on HTML5 that allows fluidity in any compatible browser.
  • Indicators: which also offer the ability to develop scripts—or custom indicators—for more detailed market analysis.
  • Educational Trading Tools: As explanations and examples of how different types of indicators or patterns work.
  • Training School: In this, different expert traders share knowledge on different concepts.

TradingView columns

Create, share, learn and collaborate are the 4 pillars of TradingView. Source: TradingView.

Philosophy TradingView It is to grow as a trader by learning from others and thereby improve the skills of the market operator.

Each is based on social trading, since TradingView, as described at the beginning, is a social network for market operators. This is because creating and sharing content is very easy, whether you have a free or paid registration..

Share and analyze ideas on TradingView

Trading pairs are segmented individually. Source: TradingView.

Thanks to the type of segmentation of content found within TradingView, when researching the market you will not only have purely technical data such as charts or indicators, but it will also be possible to have ideas and analysis from other users – sometimes much more experienced – to help improve the making decision.

Also, another interesting feature, as good a social network as TradingView is, is that You have the option to follow your favorite operators or the most prominent content creators as you can see in the previous image, where you can see the main contributors of the BTC/USDT pair. From which you can also access the user profile, where you will find publications and other collaborations made with the platform.

Public and private conversations

In addition to the format of sharing ideas through publications, TradingView also offers chat rooms, public and private, which are segmented by topic, either the market in general, say cryptocurrencies, or a specific pair like BTCUSD. This allows users to maintain direct, live communication with the community.

Chats on TradingView allow you to maintain direct communication with the rest of the community. Source: TradingView.

To access the chats, you just have to locate the corresponding symbols on the right side window. There, as you can see in the picture, conversations start and it is possible to search for topics of interest in the field of trading.

Available markets

Within TradingView there are 7 markets available which are:

Within each market, the same format is preserved: the ability to analyze and exchange ideas with other users to improve growth as a trading operator and decision-making. Where also with all technical analysis features like charts, indicators and more.

Technical analysis charting system

TradingView provides charts with advanced technical analysis. Source: TradingView.

As already mentioned, Charts are the main aspect of TradingView, not only because of the fact that it offers users advanced analysis tools, but because they tend to be found in many places. For example, Bittrex portal, where every chart of every trading pair is provided directly by TradingView. It is also thanks to the fact that TradingView offers developers a an open source library for easy graphics.

Now, as you can see in the picture, here are collected: chart, indicators, watchlist, latest price and news related to the stock pair, the last one is very necessary for fundamental analysis.

Something interesting to be found in the charts section is the Publish button from where users can share on their wall – and in the trading pair ideas section – the chart they are working on, along with the analysis done. This facilitates analysis, with the support of other users, the observation states. What is also striking is that users can post both an image and a screenshot videowhich sometimes facilitates communication.

On the other hand, something that TradingView unfortunately does not have until now is the ability to work directly from the portal. This means that users have to use 2 platforms, one for analysis and an exchange for ordering. Since it only has the integration of an exclusive broker for Forex and none for the cryptocurrency area.

Indicators and scripts

Within TradingView you can find a wide range of indicators of different types, with an interesting idea that you can learn, collaborate and create scripts, which are modified indicators with the entire TradingView community.

TradingView has its own Scripts section, where marketing-related publications are shared. Source: TradingView.

When you enter the indicator section from the Script tab of the main menu, you can see that it is divided into 3 different sections:

  • Trading Ideas: Contains all publications related to this indicator, along with a list of main authors and a brief explanation of the indicator.
  • Educational ideas: Within this you will find topics related to user education and training, especially for the user to understand how the specified indicator is used. These ideas are written directly by administrators or certified users.
  • Scripts: This will contain user publications related to custom indicator modifications, directly from TradingView’s internal Pine Script programming language. Something interesting is that, from the explanatory box, when you click on Get more information You can find, in addition to the description and other relevant information, the source code (directly in Pine Script) of the indicator’s operationallowing users to copy and modify it as they see fit.

Pine Script TradingView programming language

It is normal that when you use an indicator inside a chart you work with predefined values. Some, perhaps, allow modification of indicator-specific variables, but nothing more. However, TradingView goes much further, and makes available its own programming language, based on JavaScript with a very fast learning curve, with which you can modify even the smallest detail of the indicator’s operation.

To facilitate learning, TradingView provides a reference manual complete how to use Pine Script.

This is clearly an advantage, because makes it easy to create analysis routines that would normally be performed manually by the operatorleaving everything for a personalized script that would make their lives easier.

As for accessing the code editor, you just need to go to the graphics window and at the bottom you will find the Pine Editor option.

TradingView Education

First of all, it should be noted that TradingView education is collective and based primarily on feedback. It is basically learning and teaching.

From the Ideas window, you can access multiple topics ranging from pattern analysis to beyond technical analysis, where macroeconomics, trading psychology, risk management, among others, are topic-based. This section maintains the same concept of publications shared by other users and those made directly by certified users with extensive experience on the subject.

Discussion categories within TradingView are numerous, covering everything related to trading. Source: TradingView.

Within this topic, beyond technical analysis, you can even get scripts, like the one you see in the previous image, based on fundamental analysis, which help improve the way observations are made and consequently decisions are made.

Webmaster Widgets and Smart Analytics Tools

Something that makes TradingView stand out in a big way is its public library, which it also has a range of completely free widgets different types of analysis or information. This allows web developers to feed their portals with useful information without wasting time on loading – as they are based on HTML5 and very lightweight – and save development time.

The platform is popular thanks to its marketplace widgets, which can be used by web content creators. Source: TradingView.

Among the available widgets are:

  • Advanced real-time charts of a large number of trading pairs in the cryptocurrency market.
  • Technical analysis.
  • Market overview.
  • Market data.
  • Mini symbol app.

The full list of available widgets can be found below relationship.

With the development of widgets and one of the latest features that TradingView adopted, hand in hand with the revolution of what BigData meant and the development of artificial intelligence, are market analyzers, which allow to give the operator a new way to improve decision making.

TradingView has cryptocurrency, forex and stock market analyzers. Source: TradingView.

This analyzer brings together different sources of information and offers alternative investment opportunities for each operator. Currently TradingView It has analyzers for markets: cryptocurrency, forex and stocks.

Where to find TradingView

First of all, you should know that TradingView is an online platform that is managed directly from your web browser without any download, The only thing that is required is that the browser is updated and compatible with the HTML5 version.

TradingView also has apps for Android and iOS mobile devices that you can download directly from the respective stores.


Naturally, TradingView is mostly known as a charting platform, a well-earned reputation thanks to its public chart library, which makes it very common to find a chart with a “by TradingView” watermark. But this platform goes much further, as well broken down in the article, and that’s it The social trading format and community learning create a favorable space for improvement as a trading operator. and for the advanced development of technical analysis.

This first installment just describes what TradingView is. In the next article, we’ll break down how you can use it, from registering to posting and commenting on content within the platform.

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