SYNC Ecosystem

SYNC Pools 

Stake your tokens in the pools and enjoy the high APY returns.

SYNC Bots 

Track market data and price movement fast and easy with the help of SYNC bots. Reliable real time price information source. Bots will be available for Telegram and Discord.

SYNC Tracker

Complete overview of your portfolio and all your assets in one place.
Instant and up to date information on profit and loss, reflections and rewards, top 20 tokens and much more.

SYNC Charts

Unique charting platform with incredible design to assist you on your journey. User friendly interface for new and experienced traders. Everything you need for project analysis.

SYNC Launchpad

Secure place for upcoming and promising projects. SYNC launchpad will be the beating hearth of our platform. To ensure all users are protected and safe at all time, all projects will be verified and vetted by LinkSync’s team before being added to the platform.