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Quantfury: an application that allows you to trade on 5 different markets

Key facts:
  • Quantfury allows you to work with: cryptocurrencies, stocks, currencies, ETFs and commodities.

  • This platform is only available for Android and iOS.

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IT IS es he pthe first of three articles which they will teach as use a trading app Quantfury. For this first delivery we will do a general overview of the platform, qwhat you need to use it, benefits, goods you can they trade itamong others.

You can read second part of this tutorial here, Learn how to register and use the Quantfury appor the third and final part here, Learn how to trade with Quantfury.

Thinking about trading means thinking about a person sitting in front of a monitor full of Japanese candlestick charts, something that can very often be seen in films about this area. But in the last two decades, several revolutions have taken place that have changed this picture forever. The first is the introduction of the smartphone, a concept that allows us to carry a personal computer anywhere. Lothers are cryptocurrencies, an alternative that democratized completely access to money and that’s where Quantfury takes advantage of both worlds: it offers trading tools via a mobile app.

When using Quantfuryyou will be able to trade in financial markets worldwide with deposits 100% in cryptocurrencies, but with fixed assets in USD. In addition, you have 20x leverage on any stock market, real-time prices, no manipulation and no commission. And all that directly from any Android or iOS device.


Trade different markets with real-time prices

When you trade within Quantfury, regardless of the selected market, you work directly with the actual price of the exchange where the order is executed.

Among the available markets we have:

Trade only cryptocurrencies on all markets

Quantfury only supports cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawalsHowever, it works with fixed assets in USD. This means that the user does not directly trade the deposited cryptocurrencies. To do this, the platform uses a concept called “Constant Operating Power” expressed in dollars, which depends on the size of the initial deposit, the total value of which does not vary as the value of the deposit, since the latter depends on the market price of the deposited cryptocurrency.

Therefore, through the net worth held as Constant Operating Power can be managed within Quantfury.

To learn more about Constant workforce go to section 20x leverage

Regarding withdrawal, the following should be considered; The account balance we manage will always be in the cryptocurrency we say funds our account, with its fluctuating USD equivalent. Therefore, at the time of withdrawal, the first thing will be to select the amount in USD from the available amount, which will give us the equivalent value in cryptocurrency and we proceed with the withdrawal.

Trade commission-free

There is none inside Quantfury without any kind of commissionnot even for deposits and withdrawals, because the commission is only for mining.

There are also no commissions for operations on this platform, that is, the purchase or sale price received at the time of execution of the order is real price inside the house dand a bag the market in which it operates.

Reduced spreads

The spread is the difference between the buying and selling price, where specified difference witharca point where a the position begins to be created Profit. For example, if a cryptocurrency is bought at a price of $100 per unit, and the selling price at the time of purchase is $90, we would be talking about a price difference of 10%. This means that when entering the market, the position is at a huge disadvantage, as there is a price difference of $10.

Thanks for Quantfury does not process any type of commission, prices will depend entirely on the brokerage house in the selected market. This makes it possible to obtain svery small processing, allowing open positions with a small downsidea feature that is in high demand traders experienced.

20x leverage

Within Quantfury, there is the possibility of working with an amount up to 20 times the total deposit. You can find this within the platform called ‘Constant Operating Power’ and it allows users to manually adjust leverage level which they consider profitable, which is also exempt from commissions or interest payments.

The operating strength within Quantfury varies depending on the capital deposited. For example.

Constant labor ranges from $2,000 to $200,000. Source: Quantfury

In this table you can see the different workforce levels that a user can opt for within Quantfury. It should be noted that the maximum manpower is 200,000 USDwhereas in deposits greater than $10,000, the operating power will still be $200,000, but with a leverage of less than 20x.

Something also worth noting is that the leverage level is not fixed in 20xbecause for example, if $100 is deposited, $2,000 of operating power will be obtained, but if $200 is deposited, $2,000 will still be chosen because to reach the next level of $6,000, the total deposit is $300.

Likewise, the prices of operational values ​​in the table represent the maximum value that can be chosen based on the paid deposit. This is because Quantfury allows you to modify the level of labor so that the total leverage is also modified. This, as long as all your orders are closed.

On the other hand, the workforce levels are set in dollars, but apparently the platform only manages cryptocurrency deposits. So what happens if the value of the deposited cryptocurrency falls? Well, if $300 is deposited in cryptocurrencies, giving an operating power of $6,000, and if after some time the initial deposit depreciates to a total of $250, Your labor will still be $6,000, which is why they call it constant labor..

Intuitive interface and graphical trading tools

Another thing that sets Quantfury apart is its interface, as can be seen in the following image.

Quantfury allows you to activate dark mode. Source: Quantfury

A clean and intuitive interface, which also allows you to set a dark mode, something very common in the latest app design trends.

In addition, although Quantfury is not a technical analysis application, offers trading tools such as Japanese candlesticks, line chart, volume indicator, ticker tool, order book, among others.

What do you need to start trading?

To access Quantfury trading tools, the only requirements are to have an Android or iOS device and an initial deposit of at least $100 in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DAI, Tether (OMNI and ERC20), Dash and QTUM.
It should be noted that Quantfury Not available to users who are citizens and/or residents of the USA and Canada. due to local laws.


As Gregory Kim, CEO of Quantfury points out, “entering the financial markets does not always offer the best advantages for retail operators”, since we are talking about a competitive market, the biggest advantages are usually offered to large caps by placing retail traders. major flaws.

For starters, one of the problems that Quantfury solves is the problem of commissions. Since there are no commissions and you deal with real prices directly from the brokerage house to the application, you can negotiate from a more balanced point, because compared to other platforms, with excessively large spreads, positions are usually opened with a large shortfall. , which in the worst case usually do not bring a profit.

Quantfury is not an application that promises to make you money due to the fact that you need to have trading knowledge before using it, but it allows you to trade fairly and be on par with the big caps in a more balanced environment with better opportunities.

Read the second part of this tutorial here, Learn how to register and use the Quantfury appor the third and final part here, Learn how to trade with Quantfury.

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