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SeSocio: make alternative investments using your cryptocurrencies

Key facts:
  • SeSocio allows you to make deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrencies such as: BTC, ETH and LTC.

  • You can trade up to 15 different cryptocurrencies on this platform.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you are at a stage in your life where you need to invest, your savings are devalued, the only source of income you have is your job, and exploring the world of commerce is quite tiring for you. And, with all this, you have to face a lot of scams that abound when you want to invest, there is, at that moment, You may benefit from SeSocio, an investment platform that allows you to use your cryptocurrencies in real economy projects, allowing you to generate fixed or variable income or revaluation of different assets.

So SeSociety seeks a way to democratize investment by allowing any user to invest in a project of their choice, regardless of how minimal their investment is, because as there is no minimum amount, you can buy tokens with a deposit of up to one dollar.

With small investments, like US$5, You could be part of buying a fleet of trucks in the United States or helping a startup in Chile market its app.

It is worth emphasizing that, SeSociety uses the so-called financing format Crowdinvestmentswhich in literal translation would be “crowdfunding”, where thanks to the rise of the Internet, it enables small projects to get financing, offering the investor profitability and capital gain through participation in the capital of the company they are financing.

On the other hand, we will have a Trading Market within the platform, but how does that help us? Although investing carries risks, not being able to exit when we want, either to make a profit or cut losses, can highlight these dangers. But thanks to this market, we will be able to trade both project tokens and cryptocurrencies, ensuring that our portfolio has the necessary liquidity in case of any eventuality.

Deposit and invest cryptocurrencies in SeSocio

SeSociety It allows deposits in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum, which, in turn, we can use as a means of payment when investing in various projects or cryptocurrencies found on the platform.

Besides, SeSocio entered into an alliance with MakerDAO, the company in charge of developing the DAI stablecoin, allowing us to trade with it and 14 other different crypto-assets on the platform.

InveCoin SeSocio Token

Right now SeSociety is developing Investolanddecentralized investment network that recently formalized the alliance with the RSK strengthen the development of the said project through Bitcoin smart contracts. InveCoin will be the fuel for this interesting platform, and in addition, its sale will enable the financing of this project.

This project is currently in the funding stage and you can directly invest in it SeSociety.

In short, SeSociety It is a platform where investors and entrepreneurs come together, because here you can not only invest your money, but also request financing for the project you have in mind. However, in the following tutorial you will only learn how to make an investmentlearn how to choose a project, what criteria should be taken into account, monitor your investments, how to negotiate in the trading market and finally how to withdraw the profit made from SeSociety.


Register on SeSocio

The first thing we will have to do within the platform is to register, and to do that we go to the registration portal.

What we see in the previous image is the main page of SeSocio, here we will find information related to successful projects that the platform helped financeas well as those still available and trading market data.

To continue creating an account, we must press Enter in the upper right corner.

What we see is the login box. Now we select the New User option at the bottom.

This is the form we need to fill in to register on the platform. Please note that we will need to enter your ID number in order to comply with legal regulations such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering, which SeSociety is attached.

The identification number you register must match the identification document you provided when verifying your account.

To continue, we will click on Registration.

At this point you are already registered, but we still need two things: The first is to confirm our email address in the received email, which has a link that allows you to perform this step. Second, we will need to perform identity verification, as you can see in the image above.

To start the verification process, we will select an option by editing your profile here. You can also access it from your profile settings.

Here you will need to enter the front image of your ID, be it a card or DNI, the other back of said document, and in addition, you will need to take a selfie-type photo that clearly shows your face holding the ID to the side. Finally, you will need to upload current proof of income.

From the moment you create your account, you have a period of 24 hours to verify your identity. If you do not, you will not be able to continue working within SeSocio until you complete this process. In addition, you will not be able to make payments until you approve the verification.

After you send the relevant documents, you have to wait up to 48 hours since the verification is done manually. Once you have received the appropriate approval, you will be able to start working within the platform.

Deposit cryptocurrencies in SeSocio

At this point we already have a verified account, now we need to have a money balance within the platform. To do this, go to the profile menu in the upper right corner, where we will select the Deposit/Withdrawal option.

As you can see in the image above, we have different methods for depositing funds SeSocietyemphasizing that we can deposit cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

However, we will choose Bitcoin to make the deposit. If you have chosen any other cryptocurrency in your case, the steps to be followed are no different at all.

After the cryptocurrency is selected, we now indicate the exact amount we want. Remember that there are no minimum investment amounts, and no type of deposit commission other than the one included in the mining process.

Now, when the amount is ready, we will click on the Deposit button.

What we have here is the destination address of the funds.

You can follow the deposit history from the Movements option.

Once the deposit is confirmed, you will be able to view your balance from the side menu or directly from the Dashboard section.

In this section you will find information about all your balances in the framework SeSocietyorganized as follows:

  • Valued Units: Total balance corresponding to your investments. This may vary depending on the value your tokens have on the trading market. In the case of cryptocurrency deposits, you will see your balance displayed in this section, this is because the platform considers cryptocurrency deposits to be investments, which means that the net value – expressed in dollars – may vary depending on the price fluctuations suffered by the cryptocurrency.
  • Available: Net balance that you can use to invest or withdraw.
  • Dedicated: Balance corresponding to the amount reserved in a purchase or sale operation on the Trading Market.
  • Extraction is pending: The total amount that you have requested to withdraw, but which has not yet been confirmed by the platform.
  • Total Collections: The total amount received as payment for your investment, either due to profitability or completion of the project.
  • In total: Total sum of all balances except total charges.

Likewise, if you want to see the total amount in cryptocurrencies you have deposited SeSociety, you can go to the Portfolio section. We will describe this section in more detail later when we start the investment.

How to choose a project in SeSocio

This platform offers us a wide variety of projects, but it is worth noting that these projects are developed by third parties, SeSociety It only works as a market.

Also keep in mind when you deposit what type of benefit you want to get, whether it is interest rate, fixed income, variable income, capital gain etc.

With that, let’s understand the different categories of projects that we can find within SeSociety and the benefits that each of them creates.

  • Goods: These are physical goods, such as trucks, heavy machinery or vending machines. This type of investment creates variable income that It is paid depending on the profitability of the project or on the basis of its revaluation.. For example, investing in a candy vending machine rental with a 10-year contract, which offers you an annual return of 13.2% on your investment, allows you to make a profit from the fifth year of the contract.
  • Loans: This type of investment will generate a fixed or variable interest rate on short, medium or long term loans.
  • Real estate: These are projects in the real estate sector that benefit from property revaluation, or from fixed or variable income imposed by the project holder. For example, if you invest in a rental apartment in Miami, you will make a profit from its income, however, if you invest in a real estate development from scratch, you need to consider the type of execution of the project in order to get either a rental or a revaluation of your shares.
  • Equity: These are projects or ventures of the startup type that start in the market, they are able to buy shares of the company and realize benefits depending on the good development and performance that the project has, causing a revaluation of their shares. At the moment these types of investments are not available to Argentines due to provision 717 of the CNV.
  • cryptocurrencies: This type of investment will generate benefits depending on the price the crypto asset gets. And as with other projects, you can negotiate them within the Trade Market.
  • Others: In addition to the above, there are other types of projects such as franchise investments and various emerging opportunities that you can invest in to reap benefits through fixed or variable income or through the revaluation of your tokens. .

Any investment carries risks that are fully assumed by the user. SeSocio will be in charge of filtering and providing the best professionalprojects for you.

With this clarified, we will start looking for a project, and to do this, we will select the Invest tab in the top menu.

Here you will find a summary of all the projects that are currently available SeSociety. Also, at the top of the list you will find the different categories described above and by selecting one of them you will be able to see the projects in that particular category.

The user must review the information displayed for each project and perform due diligence as deemed appropriate before selecting a project in which to invest. Remember to be clear about what kind of profitability you are looking for and stick to the project you choose. Note that you can see project details by clicking the I want to invest button here!

Start investing

At this point you already have your project or cryptocurrency selected, so let’s get started. First, we will review the details of the project we have chosen.

Here you will put the amount in the Investment Amount field. Please note that this amount must be expressed in US dollars even though the investment will be made in cryptocurrencies, as they are valued in US dollars within the platform.

Remember that there is no minimum amount to invest.

After you enter the amount, we will click the Invest Now button.

You will now need to select a payment method. When you select the Cryptocurrencies option, you will see a displayed list with all the cryptocurrencies you have deposited on the platform. The amount you see next to each is its equivalent USD value.

Something interesting to point out is that when investing, we do not pay directly with cryptocurrencies, i.e. SeSociety allows you to make a payment with cryptoassets, but at the time of payment, a previous step is performed, which is that our bitcoins, in our specific case, are exchanged on the internal trading market for USD, and with them the final transaction is made.investment. It should be noted that this process is completely automatic.

We will select Next to continue.

We’re almost done. Here you will find a summary of our investment business. Inside this box we will see the total amount to invest along with the total number of tokens we will buy from this project. All you have to do is read the terms and conditions, and if you agree, we’ll tick the appropriate box and finally click Confirm Investment.

Ready! We made a successful investment.

Track your investment

We have already invested, now let’s learn how we can monitor it. To begin, go to the Portfolio option by clicking on our profile icon in the upper right corner.

What we have here is our investment portfolio. In this list, you will see all the investments you have made along with deposits in cryptocurrencies, which, in turn, are considered investments.

In this list we find:

  • Project: Name of the project or cryptocurrency.
  • Valued Tokens: It is the value, expressed in US dollars, of our project tokens or cryptocurrencies.
  • Tokens: Balance corresponding to deposited project tokens or cryptocurrencies.
  • The result: Percentage value of profit or loss on the investment.
  • Reinvest: In case the project allows reinvestment after the end of the financing phase, in this column we will see the corresponding button.

On the other hand, when selecting the project in which we invest (in our case Puertos del Lago VII) we will see a box on the right that shows us details such as:

  • Last price: The last price at which 1 token of the project was traded
  • Valued Tokens: The USD value of the total tokens we own.
  • Tokens: The amount of project tokens we own.
  • Your invested amount: Total invested. If the fundraising process is not complete, you will see this amount as 0.
  • Collections: Total balance received in collection from this investment.
  • Remaining capital: The remaining amount.
  • Dedicated Tokens: The total number of tokens that were surrendered in an operation within the Trading Market.
  • Date of last operation: The date we made our last move within the Trading Market.
  • Buy sell: This button allows us to go directly to the stock exchange belonging to this project within the trading market.

You can also track your transactions within SeSociety from the Moves section.

From here we can track all operations within the platform, be it deposit, withdrawal, investment or buying and selling within the trading market.

Buy and sell stocks or cryptocurrencies on the SeSocio Trading market

Trade market SeSociety allows you to trade project tokens or cryptocurrencies. This type of market allows us to offer liquidity to our portfolio by being able to quickly sell a token or cryptocurrency.

Likewise, there is a possibility of acquiring tokens from projects that have completed the financing process. However, the price of these tokens will depend solely on their supply and demand.

Likewise, you will be able to get loans by becoming the owner of the interest stream determined by the project owner.

Before proceeding, it is worth clarifying: to trade within the platform you will need a balance in fiat money, so if, as in our case, you deposit cryptoassets, it will be necessary to sell some of them – a step we will perform later – to have enough liquidity that we enables us to negotiate on the Trade Market.

With all this cleared up, let’s go to the Trading section in the top menu.

What we see in the previous image is the Trade Market, it is divided into two large lists; At the top we find all projects, both in the process of financing and already financed, together with cryptocurrencies that SeSociety has for exchange. At the bottom we will find projects in the loan category.

Let’s start with the analysis of the list of projects and cryptocurrencies, here we will have:

  • Project: Name of the project or cryptocurrency.
  • Pr. Sale: The price of the token when it was in the middle of the funding process. For cryptocurrencies it is the current price.
  • Last: The last price at which a cryptocurrency project or token was exchanged.
  • Variation: The percentage difference between the presale price and the last price. In the case of cryptocurrencies, it is the price difference between the previous day and the last price.

With this list we can trade either project tokens/fractions or cryptocurrencies, which allows us to generate dividends from the revaluation they receive and the price difference between their purchase and sale.

To trade a token or cryptocurrency, you will need to click on the appropriate Buy/Sell button.

In case of trading project tokens, we have the following screen:

Here we will see: The last price at which the project token was traded, along with the price change percentage. At the bottom we will have a graph that will show us the fluctuation of the price of the token from its presale until today.

On the right side we have, in case of purchase. following box:

In this field we will see:

  • A list of some of the current placement options provided by other users.
  • Available: Dollar balance available within the platform.
  • Tokens: Here we will enter the total number of units to purchase.
  • Valor Tokens: We will indicate the value we want to pay for 1 unit of any token. Remember that we can buy parts of 1 token.

To place an order, you can manually enter the quantity and price you are willing to pay, or click on the “+” symbol, which will automatically set the price and quantity available for purchase offered by other users, however, we can modify the total amount to allow the purchase of a smaller amount of tokens than the total of the amount offered by the user.

In case of sale, we have the following box:

As with the sale, we have a list with the current offers, although here instead of Available we will have an Available Tokens box which will show us the total number of tokens we currently have for this project.

In the case of cryptocurrencies we have the following screen:

Here, as in the case of projects, we will see information about the last price of the cryptocurrency used in the exchange within the platform, along with a graph showing its price fluctuations.

As for the shopping box we have,

In the case of a purchase, you will see the available balance in USD that you must have in order to purchase cryptocurrency. At the bottom we will have a box where we will put the amount of bitcoins, in our case, that we want to buy, along with its price, however, the price cannot be changed.

In the case of sales, we find the total number of cryptocurrencies we have SeSocietyand, as with buying, we can choose the quantity to sell, but we will not be able to define the price.

On the other hand, regarding the list of loans we have,

Here we’ll get the same columns as the previous list, but we’ll also have an additional column called IRR, which is the internal rate of return, or interest to be received on our total investment at maturity.

Regarding the details of a specific loan, we will find: the last price at which the token corresponding to this loan was traded, together with a graph showing the fluctuation of the internal rate of return.

On the right side, as was the case with tokens, we will see a box that allows you to place orders to buy or sell tokens of this market. Keep in mind that when you decide to buy and enter this loan, you will receive an interest rate that will vary depending on the profitability that the borrower generates.

Withdraw money with SeSocio

SeSociety currently allows you to withdraw bank funds in US dollars or in your local currency if you are located in Chile or Argentina. This process carries a commission of 1.5% on the total amount to be withdrawn, with a minimum commission of $5.

In addition, we can make withdrawals on the platform from balances in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, which we have deposited or acquired on the Trading Market, with a commission cost of 4% on the total amount to be withdrawn and a minimum commission that will vary depending about the retiring cryptocurrency.

Additionally, to make a withdrawal, we will go to the Deposit/Withdrawal section and select the Withdrawal tab.

By default, we will enter the section to withdraw our balance in fiat currency, depending on the country you are in. Likewise, at the top you’ll find tabs corresponding to cryptocurrency balances.

Here we will select the card that corresponds to the cryptocurrency we want to withdraw.

To make a withdrawal, you will need to specify the amount to withdraw, showing the total amount that will be sent less the withdrawal fees. In addition, you must enter the destination address and, finally, select the Extract button, which will show us a confirmation message and which will be done within a period of up to 72 hours, although this process can be confirmed in 30 minutes.


SeSociety is a platform that allows anyone, regardless of the minimum investment, to invest in large projects, without bureaucratic processes, safely and 100% online.

Simplicity is something that makes it stand out SeSociety, since not much technical knowledge is required to invest in the platform. With a few clicks, you can become a co-owner of a building in Miami, all from the comfort of your own home.

In short, SeSociety makes a good impression in the area of ​​cryptocurrency adoption, as it moves from using Bitcoin as a secret means of payment to using it, for example, in acquiring a stake in the purchase of a fleet of trucks in Argentina.

Disclaimer: The content and links in this article are for informational purposes only. CriptoNoticias does not offer legal, financial or investment recommendations or advice, nor is it a substitute for due diligence by any interested party. CriptoNoticias does not endorse any Initial Coin Offering (ICO), investment offer or similar promoted here. click here for more information.

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