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Shop on Amazon with cryptocurrency and get discounts using

Purse It is an online platform that allows us to shop on Amazon using our cryptocurrencies. Amazon? Yes, the wallet acts as an intermediary between people who want to buy from an online store using their cryptocurrencies and people who want to buy bitcoins using their fiat money.

How does the pouch work? The platform will be in charge of coordinating the exchange between those who want to buy a certain item from the Amazon platform and those who want to buy bitcoins. in an amount that is around the price of the item that the first person wants to buy. To do so, the person must purchase the product using their preferred payment method, be it credit card, debit card or any other form of payment supported by the online shopping platform; You will then notify Purse that you have made a purchase. When the customer receives the product, they notify the account, and the bitcoins are released. Simple isn’t it?

If the previous explanation wasn’t enough, don’t worry. In this tutorial, you’ll learn step-by-step how to buy Amazon items through Purse and get discounts on top of that!

To get started we will need:

-Amazon account (for the purposes of this guide, Amazon USA).

– Wallet Account (Here you will learn how to create an account)

– Cryptocurrencies. The wallet currently only accepts bitcoin as a payment method, but to fix that, Purse implemented Shapeshift for direct exchange of any cryptocurrency bitcoin. If we have bitcoins in our Coinbase wallet, we can make transfers without paying a commission.

Before we begin, we need to consider a few things: we will not buy directly from Amazon through Purse. The purpose of the platform is that when we select a product and pay the selected price in bitcoin, it will find us a person who will buy the product on Amazon with their fiat currency and send it to us, but it will not be a wallet that works as an exchange.

First steps in a purse

To get started, the first thing we will do is create an account on the portal. Once we’re here, we’re going to click on Apply in the top menu. main page

After that we will see the following pattern.

Purse Platform Registration Form

In this form we have 4 ways to register. We can choose to register directly using our Facebook, Google+ or Coinbase credentials. On the other hand, we have the traditional registration option where we have to confirm an email to activate our account. Once the signup option is selected, we will have our wallet account ready.

Look for products on the bag

In Purse, we can search for our products in two ways: Via internal browser; where we will find offers from the portal, as well as offers published on Amazon. On the other hand, there is an option to directly import our Amazon wishlist into the wallet.

First, let’s learn how to search the portal’s internal offers. To begin with, we can enter the name of the product as desired in the search bar at the top. On the right side, we can add a filter related to the section in which we want to search.

We will consider the following to identify which portal the product is advertised on.

Two different products are featured here, one is from the Amazon platform and the other is offered by Purse user. We can recognize this by seeing the user next to the product quantity. It must be taken into account that, on the one hand, If the product is offered on the Purse platform, we will be able to see user ratings on the platform; On the other hand, if Amazon offers it, we won’t be able to see their profile, but we will be able to see the rating that user’s profile has on that platform.

To see user results, we will select a product.

Product details posted by a user within the Purse platform

Once here we can see the classification that this user has, but apart from that, we can click on his name to see more details about his profile.

Seller Profile

In this section we will see more details about the user profile. We can also see reviews from other users about purchases they made with this seller.

To add products to our shopping cart, we must select the Add to Cart option and they will be added to our shopping cart immediately.

Another option to find the product we are looking for is to import our Amazon wishlist. To do this, we will first go to our Amazon account and search for our product.

Add a product to your wishlist within

Once here we’ll click where Add to List is shown in the previous image and we’ll add it to our wishlist.

Now that the product has been added, let’s go to the link to this listing. To do this, we’ll go to our wishlist menu, selecting Account & Lists from the top menu, then our wishlist. wish list

Once here we will choose Edit this list.

Menu for editing wish list settings.

In this form, we must take into account the following: Please enter the correct address for the delivery of the product. Select the Third Party Shipping Agreement option. Finally, we need to check if the Don’t spoil my surprises option is on is not selected, this will allow us to share not only the product we want to buy, but also the shipping address. To finish, click on Save change. Now it’s time to get the connection. To do this, we will choose Share.

The following will appear here.

Link to share our wish list.

The next step is to just copy the link from the list and go to the Purse portal. Once here we will click on the IMPORT WISHLIST button located next to the search bar.

A section to import our wish list into the purse

We will place the link of our list in the bar at the bottom and select Next.

The list has already been uploaded to the Purse platform

Here we will select which items from the list we just imported we want to add to our shopping cart. Once selected, we will select Add Selected to Cart and we will already upload our products.

Pay for purchases in your wallet

We have already loaded the products into our shopping cart. Now it’s time to proceed with your payment.

To access the shopping cart, we must click on the icon located in the top menu.

Shopping cart

To proceed with payment, we will select Proceed to Billing.

You can choose up to a maximum of 15% discount on the price because it is your first purchase.

Here is an interesting part of the purse. On this occasion We will select the level of discount we want for our purchase. Since this is our first purchase, the maximum level we can claim is 15%. But how does this discount affect our purchase? First of all we have the waiting time: The larger the discount required, the longer the waiting time for product delivery.. On the other hand, we have the fact that, as we mentioned at the beginning, we are not the ones who buy from Amazon. Because the bigger the discount, the bigger the difference between the bitcoin value a person will receive and the dollar value a person has to pay to Amazon. This type of reasoning means that the bigger the discount, the longer the waiting period.

To select the desired discount, we only have to move the upper bar to the level we deem appropriate. After selection, we will click on Continue.

Shipping address form.

In this section we will enter the delivery address. This is vital as this is where the customer will be sending our product. Be very careful with this, because in order to release the bitcoins to the customer we need to have the product in hand. And if not, we will have to open a dispute just because we entered the wrong address, so let’s avoid any inconvenience.

When you’re done entering the address, we’ll select Send to this address.

One last check of our order before generating a bitcoin payment address.

We’re almost done. For now, we will perform a final review of our order before proceeding with payment. To continue, we will select Order.

Bitcoin address to pay for our order.

It’s time to pay, and here we will see the address to which we need to pay. By scanning this address, it will directly deposit the amount into our wallet. As we mentioned at the beginning, If we have an account in Coinbasewe will be able to make payment without mining commissions.

The calculation of the price to be paid in bitcoins for an item is the price at which bitcoin is quoted at the time the address is generated on the Coinbase exchange divided by the price of the product.

After the payment has been made, we will receive an e-mail that the order has already been placed, but not that the product has been purchased, because the order will be published on the list only when the user makes the specified purchase.

When a product is purchased by another user, we will receive an e-mail stating that the order is ready to be shipped.

When the product has been delivered, you will see something like this in the order menu.

Here, with the product in hand, we will indicate that we have received the product in the delivery confirmation. Once this is done, the bitcoins will be released to the buyer and we will complete our purchase. In case of any problem we have to select Contact Support to solve any problem.

Now here, we will complete our purchase through the Purse platform.

You can watch the video tutorial on our channel YouTube.

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