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Three video tutorials for earning cryptocurrency: mining, investing and predictions

Currently, there are several legitimate ways to earn cryptocurrencies by performing a series of actions that go beyond investing to acquire them. The idea is to allow users of certain platforms to earn a small amount of cryptocurrency by performing various tasks.

These range from accessing faucets, to creating content, reading online and watching ads that allow you to earn cryptocurrency as part of a specific challenge, among other activities.

This time we present three video tutorials which They will allow you to interact on sites where you can earn cryptocurrencies with three types of activities. The first option is to participate in the cryptocurrency consensus system. Another is to use Augur’s predictive markets, while the third alternative has to do with renting mining power, although you also have the option of offering mining power with your rig.


Lisk (LSK) is a cryptocurrency that works by implementing a block confirmation protocol called Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS). With this protocol, 101 delegates democratically elected by the community are in charge of validating transactions.

In this way, each LSK owner will be able to vote for 101 delegates of their choice using the Lisk wallet. The waiting list of delegates is extensive and includes nearly 1,600 waiting to be selected to join the group of 101.

To maintain voting, some delegates give a portion of their confirmed block earnings to their constituents. Therefore, if we have LSK in our wallet, we will be able to get cryptocurrencies by offering our votes to the delegates.

The next one tutorial will teach you how to identify your profit sharing delegates, starting with downloading and installing the wallet on the main portal Lisk Hub. With this you can get LSK passively, just by participating in its consensus system.

Predictive markets on augur

Augur is a project that allows you to interact or “bet” on predictions in real future events, all thanks to its market forecasting platform. The platform works in a decentralized manner, since the holders of the REP token (Augur’s) are responsible for determining the actual outcome of the event.

Each event is divided into 4 phases, according to The White Paper from Augur: market making, trading, reporting and settlement. The first phase is about creating the event. To do this, you will be asked to pay in ETH. A specific reporter must also be designated, who will be in charge of reporting on the outcome of the event within a maximum of 3 days.

Trading, on the other hand, has to do with the exchange of shares, once the market has been created. Therefore, if we want to “bet” we have to choose one of the available positions and buy participation. In the event of a win, the fee will depend on the number of shares purchased.

Then, when the event date is met, it will enter the reporting phase. This way, certain reporters or REP token holders will be able to stack their tokens in the option they see fit. Finally, settlement occurs by successfully reporting the outcome of the event and determining the winning side. At this stage, the funds from the losing side will be distributed to the winning side, according to their participation in the event.

For learn, step by step, how to develop the previous stepswe invite you to view the following tutorial by CryptoNoticias:

Buy and sell hash rates on NiceHash

NiceHash is a platform that allows users to rent or sell computing power for cryptocurrency mining. The idea is rent mining power provided by other users to mine the cryptocurrency of our choice, in the pool of our choice, but with other teams. So we will get the benefits that come from mining, and the users who rent from us will get paid in bitcoins for their work.

We also have the option of lending our equipment. For this, NiceHash provides software that is responsible for analyzing our devices, giving recommendations on what is the best option, in terms of profitability, for mining. The process to follow to buy mining power in NiceHash via director of the portalshown below tutorial.

in a complementary way, in this second video Learned how to sell mining power on the platform. In this case, there is no need to configure any pool, since the NiceHash software takes care of doing all the work. The tutorial shows how to configure a mining rig using CPU or GPU.

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