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Where to Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Uruguay (2021)

Key facts:
  • 1 in 4 executives in the country use cryptocurrencies.

  • Over the past few months, trading on LocalBitcoins has grown in Uruguay.

Among Latin American communities that have been at the center of cryptocurrency adoption, CharrĂșa has to be included. Buying and selling bitcoins in Uruguay has become an increasingly popular activity, with several exchanges developing their markets in a country that is beginning to open its doors to new finance.

Bitcoin trading on P2P (peer to peer) markets like LocalBitcoins has grown to break records in Uruguay twice: from mid-2020, as reported by CriptoNoticias, and then in 2021 to reach the mark USD 85,237 traded in one week in February.

In this regard, a survey conducted by PwC found that 1 in 4 executives in the Eastern country use cryptocurrencies. A study found that 42% of people surveyed buy bitcoin on P2P markets in Uruguay33% buy cryptocurrencies through centralized exchanges, and 25% participate in mining networks, where they receive profits in exchange for their contribution to the security of various blockchains.

In 2021, Uruguay began debating a Bitcoin law, leading the country on a wave of financial innovation, like many countries in the region.

To buy or sell bitcoin in Uruguay, check out this list of P2P exchanges, cryptocurrency exchanges, and broker-free negotiation networks.

P2P exchanges to buy and sell bitcoins in Uruguay

P2P exchanges are characterized by providing people with an environment to trade directly with other people. P2P exchanges operating in Uruguay will allow you to compare numerous offers to buy and sell bitcoins, as people post very different types of ads, which include payment options such as Amazon gift cards, PayPal or bank transfers with pesos. Uruguayans (UYU) .

Among the P2P exchanges in Uruguay you will find different options to choose the one that offers the security and comfort you need. In most of them, you will notice that there are custodial wallets, which means that the company keeps the private keys. But in some cases you will be able to create a wallet from scratch, connect other wallets or even perform operations with external wallets and protect the operation through smart contracts.

If security and privacy are your thing, in this CriptoNoticias article you have the opportunity to analyze 5 P2P cryptocurrency exchanges and which one suits your needs.


LocalBitcoins mobile app is expected in 2021. Source: Localbitcoin

LocalBitcoins was founded in 2012 with the goal of bringing together communities of traders who want to trade bitcoins with each other. You can sell or buy bitcoin in Uruguay on this exchange by creating your own ad, as we explain in this CriptoNoticias guide. You also have the ability to search ads posted by others to complete transactions in exchange for PayPal balance, Amazon gift cards, bank transfers, and many other options.

  • Cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies: BTC / UYU.
  • Commissions: 1% of the amount traded in each buy or sell announcement / transfers between LocalBitcoins wallets no commissions / external wallet deposit 0.00015 BTC; Sending to external wallet 0.00005 BTC.
  • Trade Volume: Between $21,000 and $51,000 per week in 2021 (Useful tulips).
  • Mobile app: Expected in 2021.

Buy and sell bitcoin on Localbitcoins


LocalCryptos is a P2P exchange that is adopting new markets to expand its offering. It appeared in 2017 under the name LocalEthereum and in a short time reached more than 100 countries.

If you are one of those who care about security, in this exchange you have the option of creating your own wallet from scratch or connecting others such as Ledger, MetaMask or Trust, which will allow you to log in without entering a username or password. In this CriptoNoticias tutorial, you can learn how to buy and sell bitcoin on LocalCryptos, use two-factor security, or import your LocalBitcoins reputation.

  • Cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH / UYU.
  • Commissions: 0.25% to the person who publishes (maker) and 0.75% to the person who responds to the offer (taker).
  • Trade volume: 100 BTC and 6,000 ETH stored in LocalCryptos wallets (as of mid-2020).
  • Mobile app: None.

Buy and sell bitcoin on LocalCryptos


Globally, Paxful exchanges USD 40 million every week. Source:

Paxful is an exchange that already has more than 3 million registered wallets. It started operating in 2015 as an alternative to other P2P cryptocurrency exchange platforms. At Paxful, you can create or search ads to buy or sell bitcoins in Uruguay in exchange for PayPal balance, Amazon and Neosurf gift cards, Western Union, bank transfers with pesos and many other options.

Through this exchange they exchange 40 million dollars per week, globally, as of May 2020, according to CoinDance.

  • Cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies: BTC/UYU.
  • Commissions: 0.5% for buying and selling with bank transfer. 1% for other methods.
  • Trade Volume: Between $600 and $1,400 in 2021 (Useful tulips)
  • Mobile app: Download it at Android or for devices with iOS.

Buy and sell bitcoin on Paxful

Binance P2P

This Binance service is growing rapidly in Latin America and is focused on connecting people for peer to peer (P2P) exchange. Fountain: Binance /

Binance P2P went live in October 2019 for users using the app. The service arrived on the website in 2020, reaching almost all Latin American countries; and since then, its trading volume in the region already competes with other older P2P exchanges.

Here you can create buy and sell ads in exchange for bank transfers in Uruguayan pesos, Amazon gift cards, Neteller and other cryptocurrencies.

  • Cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies: BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, BUSD, DAI / UYU.
  • Commissions: Depending on the trading volume, between 0.02% and 0.1% (maker) and 0.04% and 0.1% (also).
  • Trade volume: 1,847,836 / USD 73.5 billion (globallyincludes all Binance trading markets).
  • Mobile app: Download it at Android or for devices with iOS.

Buy and sell bitcoin on Binance P2P

Centralized exchanges to buy and sell BTC in Uruguay

Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges (CEX) are specialized platforms for buying and selling bitcoins in exchange for Uruguayan pesos, cards, transfers. In addition, on these pages it is possible to find tools designed for trading that will allow you to program automated exchanges and use the desktop to measure various market parameters in real time.

Some centralized exchanges allow cryptocurrency investing, lending, leverage, and even bitcoin futures trading. So if you’re an advanced trader (or want to learn), you’ll find alternatives to traditional stock trading in several of these markets. Note that in all cases these platforms offer custodial wallets (which have private keys stored), but tend to have more liquidity in their markets.

Satoshi Tango

You can recharge your mobile and pay for other services on SatoshiTang. Source: SatoshiTango.

SatoshiTango is an exchange that has reached more than 250 thousand users in 33 countries, including Mexico, Chile and Brazil since it was created in 2014 in Argentina. Here you can trade, get loans and buy or sell bitcoin in Uruguay in exchange for pesos with bank transfers, Amazon gift cards and numerous other payment methods. You have the option to top up your mobile phone and other services.

  • Cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, DAI / UYU.
  • Commissions: Between 1% and 2% for buying and selling.
  • Trade volume: No public data.
  • Mobile app: Download it at Android or for devices with iOS.

Buy and sell bitcoin on SatoshiTang


Binance currently has 36 million traders worldwide, a growth that began in 2017 when it emerged as an exchange. Here you can perform deposit, loans, margin trading, OTC, derivatives and P2P operations on a platform that arrived in the Latin American market in 2020.

You have options to work at expert or beginner level. Binance offers a trading desktop for analyzing various market parameters, which can be downloaded on MAC, Windows operating systems, including previous versions of Windows. It also has two versions for Linux.

  • Cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, +185 / UYU.
  • Commissions: There are 9 levels for trading. Free deposits and various commissions for other operations.
  • Trade volume: 1,847,836 / USD 73.5 billion (globallyincludes all Binance trading markets).
  • Mobile App: Download at Androidfor systems with iOS and for APK Android.

Buy and sell bitcoin on Binance


More than 30 million users trade on Coinbase in 100 countries around the world. Source: Coinbase

Coinbase has 30 million users operating in 100 countries, headquartered in San Francisco, United States, and was founded in 2012. They offer OTC trading, equity investing, and trading services. As for the security of its users, it offers 2-factor authentication and in-country technical support. Additionally, they state that all their funds are kept in cold or offline wallets to prevent possible hacks.

  • Cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies: BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT, +15 / UYU.
  • Commissions: 1.49% on purchase and sale / 3.99% credit card / the rest depends on the type of operation.
  • Trade volume: 63,967 BTC / over 2.5 million USD (CoinMarketCap)
  • Mobile App: Download at Android or for devices with iOS.

Buy and sell bitcoin on Coinbase


It has a system for incorporating cryptocurrency payments into business. Source: bitex.ia

Bitex is an exchange that has more than 34,000 users in more than 50 countries. It has been operating since 2014 and has already processed more than 200,000 transactions amounting to $670 million. The company offers services for advanced trading, remittance exchange in the countries where it operates, OTC in local currency for companies and a system for integrating cryptocurrency payments in enterprises.

  • Cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies: BTC, BCH / UYU.
  • Fees: 0.5% deposit and 0.75% withdrawal (plus 0.6% for credit or debit cards).
  • Trade volume: No public data.
  • Mobile app: None.

Buy and sell on Bitex

ATMs and bots to buy and sell bitcoins in Uruguay online

It has a system for incorporating cryptocurrency payments into business. Source:

Health measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus have prompted the creation of alternatives for buying and selling bitcoins in Uruguay and other Latin American countries. The company Panda, for example, this year came up with a method to perform operations via Telegram and WhatsApp. With this initiative, they are partially compensating for the cessation of operation of some of the BTM ATMs that ceased operation during the period of closure of the institution.

He but PandaBTM allows you to buy BTC, BCH, DAI and DASH with Uruguayan pesos, via the Redpagos payment gateway. The minimum purchase limit for each cryptocurrency is 2,200 UYU, and the maximum is 5,500 UYU. Don’t forget to confirm that it’s an official bot and that you’re doing your operations over a reliable internet connection.

Buy and sell bitcoin in Uruguay on social networks

If you are one of those who have already tried P2P exchanges and exchanges and still believe that the human factor is essential to conduct your negotiations, you can see the options that social networks offer you.

On social networks, you can make an agreement with another person, post offers or search for someone who sells what you want. It’s not too complicated, apart from finding the right deal. It is important to check the reputation of your colleague.

The group is on Telegram Bitcoin chat Uruguay, which has nearly 500 members and follows strict anti-spam policies. It allows you to buy or sell cryptocurrencies with other people and share ads. In fact, you can chat with the admin and post ads from other groups or channels. trading (Uruguay) It is another Telegram channel that has the same cut as the previous one, although it has fewer members involved.

There are numerous groups on Facebook that indicate that you can buy and sell bitcoin in Uruguay. Some didn’t take off, even though they offered an ad-sharing site, and others like it Bitcoin Exchange They have some activity (with more than 500 users) although only the admin buys and sells, in the same way Bitcoin Uruguay.

If you know of any group or channel to buy or sell bitcoins in Venezuela, write to us on our social networks.

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