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You can now claim your Aeternity crypto assets

Key facts:
  • Users can check their balance in two ways, depending on whether they bought in BTC or ETH.

  • Buying in BTC requires using the tools provided by the Aeternity team.

After a successful round of financing through the sale of AE crypto assets, which raised a significant amount of $36,960,594, Aeternity announces its token distribution. And so that there are no mistakes in the process, it has published an access guide for users.

While the tokens have already been effectively distributed, the development team is behind it Eternity ensures that there are no implementation issues before AE cryptoassets are portable. Meanwhile, users you can check your balance in two ways, depending on whether the purchase during the ICO was made in ethers or bitcoins.

On-air shopping

The Aeternity team clarifies that any Ether wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens, the standard in which AEs are registered, will work to access the coins. In case you created a wallet using MyEtherWallet or via, You can open the wallet using a 12-word passphrase, your private key, using a .JSON file, or via a hardware wallet. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll usually be able to track your AE balance.

Otherwise, you will need to add AE as a custom currency by clicking the “Add Custom Token” button at the bottom right of the page and follow the steps below.

Enter, in the address field, the following contract address: 0x5CA9a71B1d01849C0a95490Cc00559717fCF0D1d (You can see the contract on

In the “Token Symbol” field, enter: AE; In the “decimal” field, write: 18; Press save. Once done, you should be able to see your balance in AE Cryptoassets and, when this option is enabled, make transactions. For the latter, you should add the “To” address, select AE from the drop-down menu, and enter the amount in the appropriate field. Then click on “Generate Transaction”.

In the following video you can see an example of access and token transfer, it is important to note that the example is developed on the test network, although the same process is on the main Ethereum network.

Buying Bitcoins

In the case of those users who bought their AE with bitcoins, the process is a bit longer as it will be necessary to create an Ethereum wallet from your address and private key/seed. For this, the Aeternity team offers a number of downloadable tools in the current link. You can also follow the steps highlighted in the following explainer video:

Once the portfolio is created, The steps to be followed are the same as above in the guide to buying with ethers. In case you notice a balance that differs from that of, Aeternity warns of certain errors resulting from the integration between its web API and, the platform that provided historical currency indexes during the second phase of the ICO. In that this linkyou will find a guide how to solve it depending on your case.

If you sent your bitcoins using a cold wallet, you have two options. You can either set up the device or access it through using a custom workaround.

In the first option, using Ledger or Trezor hardware wallets, you will need to enter in the first toolbox the 24 words you entered during the wallet setupand write the address from which you participated in the ICO in the following toolbox.

For the second option, just go to, press “Send Ether and Tokens” and then select Vault. Connect your device, then tap “Connect to Vault”. A window will open in which you must click on the “Export” button; then you must enter your Trezor PIN. A new dialog window will open and ask you to select the correct bypass path; The Aeternity team recommends using the custom bypass path m/44’/0’/0’/0. Select the address you participated from and unlock your wallet. With that, you should now have access to your crypto assets.

It is important to emphasize that The Aeternity team has identified a fraudulent contract address for AEso we insist that the correct contract address is: 0x5CA9a71B1d01849C0a95490Cc00559717fCF0D1d

If you experience any kind of inconvenience while accessing your tokens, the Aeternity team asks you to fulfill the following form.

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